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I am currently applying to a post bacc program to take classes I did not take in undergrad. I was working in a clinical lab before I became a transplant caregiver. In the future I am hoping to apply to medical school in a DO program. This question is for the post bacc program. For a personal statement, I am wondering if talking about my experience as a caregiver, to a family member who received a organ transplant, will reflect negatively on a application. Should I list this in a personal statement? If so how should I go about discussing the experience?

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I’d say as long as you think it impacted your decision to pursue medicine, specifically why becoming a physician… then include it! If it isn’t your significant reason for pursuing medical school then it might be supporting info, but shouldn’t be the star of the personal statement.
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Clarify that this is a PS for your postbac applications, not medical school yet.

Otherwise, I want to be sure you can show your capacity to be empathetic to people who are not your family. Saying you are a caregiver to family is fine, but showing your really care for others is important. I don't see it as a negative unless your don't have any other insights about caring for others.
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