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Personal Statement

Discussion in 'Re-Applicants [ MD / DO ]' started by Spring888, May 29, 2012.

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  1. Spring888

    Spring888 5+ Year Member

    Mar 4, 2011
    I realize some version of this question has been asked multiple times, but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for, so please humor me, SDN!

    I applied to DO schools last cycle, but late in the cycle...I am on three wait lists right now, one of them "high wait list," but I think I should start my re-application now just in case those places don't work out.

    My question is what to do with my personal statement. I know it is best to revise it and add what you've done over the past year, etc. The problem is that since I applied late, I really don't have much of anything new to add; it's only been a few months in reality. However, I am nervous that leaving my PS the same will hurt me. Some people say it's okay to do that but I wanted to get some more feedback!

    I figure my PS was good enough to get my three interviews, so I don't necessarily think it was a part of my app that hurt me, to begin with.
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  3. Prncssbuttercup

    Prncssbuttercup Established Member -- Family Medicine Resident 5+ Year Member

    Unless your personal statement sucks, why would you need to change it? Did your desire and reasons for becoming a DO change in the last year? Unless something really powerful happened in the last 12 mos that further impacted your desire, I would just have the non-trad or DO forum readers look it over and give you feedback...
  4. desphil

    desphil 2+ Year Member

    Jun 19, 2011
    I'm in a similar situation... 4 MD interviews, 4 MD waitlists. I applied late (verified in September) last cycle and am trying to submit on the first possible day this cycle - is it necessary to re-write a personal statement for a re-application?
  5. Prncssbuttercup

    Prncssbuttercup Established Member -- Family Medicine Resident 5+ Year Member

    as I said, your PS doesn't need to change unless something about your desire to become a doctor changed... never put anything negative in your PS, and don't ramble about what you've done in the past year, that's for secondaries
  6. drgioiadds

    drgioiadds DDS c/o 2002; DO c/o 2016 5+ Year Member

    Oct 31, 2010
    southwestern ontario
    I've seen several posts advising to change it. However, I was a reapplicant (same situation late application and 2 wait lists). I did not change anything and was successful this cycle. Although, it was to a school I didn't apply to the previous, but I was still offered interviews at those too.

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