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Personal takes on KCOM

Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by carmstrong, Aug 31, 1999.

  1. carmstrong

    carmstrong Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 30, 1999
    Dallas, TX 75287
    I just came across this site today and think that it is tremendous. I have a friend, I guess you could say a mentor, who graduated from KCOM back in the early eighties. He has always pushed it and talked about how good of a school he thought it was. Now that I am getting close to making a decision on where I would like to go to medical school (I should definitly say APPLY to medical school) all of the things he said are ringing in my ears. I have been studying the differences (advantages and DA) of MD and DO and I am very interested in the DO philosophy. It seems to fit into my belief system, and a perfect fit for my tentative future goals of the type of medicine I think I would like to practice. i am just interested in the personal feelings any students, past or present, may have concerning classwork, peers, facilities, teachers, work load etc. I am very interested in any information you can give me. I am at least familiar with Truman State because I just graduated from Pittsburg state in Ks and have even been to Kirksville once for a football game. Needless to say however, coach wasnt giving any med school tours. Hope to hear back!
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  3. Hskermdic

    Hskermdic Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 17, 1998
    I am currently a first year at KCOM and so far so good. The faculty and staff have been great to work with and very helpful. We aren't very far into school yet but it is nothing like what I expected medical school to be. I was afraid that how nice and accessible everyone was on interview day and before I came here was an act and that it would end after classes started and they got my money. It hasn't ended at all. It was a nice surprise.

    If you have the time and money,it shouldn't cost much I would recomend doing the following. I would call the admissions office and schedule a day when you can come to Kirksville and spend some time with the admissions personel and on compus. I did this and found it very helpful. It gave me time to see the school without the stress of having it be interview day.

    I also want to add that if you are considering doing primary care and returning to Kansas to apply for the Kansas Osteopathic Scholarship through the Kansas Board of Regents. It is a good deal and not that hard to get.

    Since you are coming from Pittsburg State I just have to add one thing. Go Ichabods!!!
  4. OMD 2

    OMD 2 Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 27, 1999
    Kirksville, MO, USA
    KCOM, thus far, has been great. It seems to be improving as we speak. Like any place, there are gonna be things you wish were different...there is no where that is perfect! Honestly, I'm not into the 'rural-ness' of the town. There's nothing wrong with it and the people have been incredibly nice...I'm just a city person and miss the fresh, toxic air. Besides, if I want some off the wall cuisine or to go see some neuvoux flick...I want to get in my car and go there...that sort of stuff just doesn't occur here. Besides, they all drive to slow here!! LMAO!

    On the brighter side...there's no distractions to cope with for those first two years of school.

    Old Man Dave
    KCOM, Class of 2003
  5. JasonDO

    JasonDO Banned Banned

    Aug 24, 1999
    south Florida
    I read in the paper this morning that a highly prominent hair transplant surgeon who was also an alumnus of KCOM died in a plane crash. His name was Constantine Chambers. He was a highly successful surgeon who jetted around the country among his 13 offices nationwide. He charged $30,000 per surgical procedure and did as many as seven per day. He owned a $7 million house in Manalpalan, Florida.

    I guess this isn't of any importance. Just a little factoid I wanted to give you guys since you were talking about KCOM.
  6. OldManDave

    OldManDave Fossil Bouncer Emeritus Moderator Emeritus 10+ Year Member

    Feb 26, 1999
    Lafayette, IN
    Thanks Jason

    'Old Man Dave'
    KCOM, Class of '03

  7. jtouzios

    jtouzios New Member

    Sep 16, 1999
    Downers Grove, IL
    I'm a second year at CCOM and I'm just starting to understanding the mindset you need to have as an osteopathic physician. One must know the science of the body *so well* that one's mind is free to run differential diagnoses by oneself and have the science there in the back of the mind. The fact that we're encouraged to be friendly too makes us have to be good. At the same time, if you're like me and you want to use osteopathic manipulative medicine to a large degree in your future practice you have to do a little more thinking as to how that works and relates to the other parts. If all of this, you know, gets your gears going, then I suppose osteopathic medicine will all right for you.

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