Medical Petty misdemeanor = citation in my state. How will this look to Adcoms?

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Oct 13, 2014
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One of the questions in the AACOMAS primary is "Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor"? Based on how I interpreted this question, I feel like I may have made a mistake. I stated yes because I received a petty misdemeanor for a traffic violation and indicated that it was a petty misdemeanor in the primary application. Minor traffic violations in my state are given petty misdemeanors if it fits the definition of "a petty offense which is prohibited by statute, which does not constitute a crime and for which a sentence of a fine of not more than $300 may be imposed". Given that most states have "decriminalized" traffic violations, I feel that most ADCOM's would mistakenly view this as an actual misdemeanor/gross misdemeanor, and not a minor offense. Is this the case or how will ADCOM's view this?

I understand that medical schools perform background checks on accepted students and they will eventually see this, which is no big deal to me. Im just a little scared this looks bad and ADCOMs would dismiss my secondary applications. I have great stats (high MCAT and GPA) and extensive healthcare experience. I may be a little anxious as I am waiting for interview invites.

Go by the statute of the state you received the traffic violation. The second anyone looks at it will shrug it off and go on to the next applicant. If your other stats are solid then let time take its course. I wouldn't worry over it.

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