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Feb 4, 2016
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I'm currently doing an intern year right now after now not matching psychiatry and doing the scramble. I have the option of advancing directly into PGY2 of family medicine from this intern program and I tried to convince myself to like family but I'm still interested in psychiatry. Are there any programs that start pgy2 (pgy2 match)? I don't want to have to redo my intern year if I dont have to. The only place I found so far was Johns Hopkins. I called a few places to see if they have any anticipated openings in the next year but no luck so far. I would even transfer out of my current intern year to start psych now if I could, but I think I'm forced to finish my intern year at my current program right? Any help would be great. Thanks!


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Apr 28, 2012
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Stanford, UW also take PGY2's through the match if I am not mistaken.


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Oct 22, 2013
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no matter what you need to finish this intern year

most psych programs will give you quite a bit of credit towards you first year but you may need to make up some rotations

contact some psych programs, the person I know who went IM to psych got a lot of credit, but had to go through ERAS for PGY1 psych (actually good since it broadens your app options ) but got credit for like 3 rotations out of 12 (or was it 9? can't remember)

I don't think there's a lot of programs that would have you come in as a PGY2 ready to supervise interns but I may be wrong
look here, on FREIDA, residentswap .com or .org to talk to programs that need a PGY2
you could look and see what programs of psych didn't fill in the match and had to SOAP to see as well

between all of the above you should be able to figure out the best path, which I suspect is PGY1 psych

if you *really* want psych not family don't just push yourself through

gather the info, then you need to go to your PD ASAP but I wouldn't go to them until you're pretty sure you want to switch out because they may start looking for someone to take the PGY2 FM spot leaving you with nada for next year, so you need to get on figuring this out so you can be sure you're going *somewhere* next year (here or a psych spot), however since I suspect you need to ERAS this year you need to get on this quick

if ERAS doesn't work there's SOAP

hope this helps

PS - you can looks up more threads on how to transfer programs, you're not the first