Board review in pgy-4 curriculum

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Jul 24, 2008
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I am a newish attending at a newish residency program. I do some teaching but am not core faculty so I don't keep super close tabs on the residency curriculum. I was talking to the PGY-4s, asked about what the residency had planned for their board review, and they said it's 100% self study. They seemed a little nervous about that.

So I contacted the PD to see if they'd like me to lead some kind of a board review course and was told their prite scores are great, so it's not necessary. And that if anything, they should use the free time in their didactic schedule to review old prites independently.

They are encouraged to study for prite by reviewing old prites, which unless something has changed from when I was in residency, is a good way to memorize prite questions and score well on prite, but not a good plan for board prep. I'm not gonna fight that hard to volunteer my time if I'm not wanted, but am I right to think this is weird? Maybe I'm missing something. Thank you for your perspective.

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Feel free to reach out if you want some ideas. I started a board review class for our program but there wasn’t one beforehand. Board review can be hard to integrate as not everyone takes boards, let alone take it right after Residency, or use the ABPN exam.
Personally, I found board review didactics a waste of time. None of my co-residents ever really prepared and it was none of our focus since our main priorities were finding jobs, family planning, and finishing residency. I would have much preferred self-study. But I'm the type of person that never went to optional lectures in med school.
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We didn’t have any formal board review at my program and as far as I know no one had problems with boards. Unless you bombed PRITE self-study should be fine, I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless they’re specifically asking for help with review.
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Thank you everyone. That makes me feel a little better.
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