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Jun 4, 2002
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Anyone have any good suggestions for a pharm review book? I own both First Aid (2002) and High Yield Pharm as well as the lengthy Lippincott Pharm. I am taking Step 1 in 3 weeks and wanted to know also if the First Aid pharm section is adequate for the USMLE. Thanks.


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Jul 31, 2000
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Most people that I have heard from have told me that First Aid is sufficient for pharm, with Lippincot as a reference for stuff that's not too clear in First Aid. Pharm cards are also supposed to be good for the boards (even though they seem to have a lot more drugs then First Aid), but they are getting pretty old now (haven't had a new edition in a long time).


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Jun 5, 2002
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i agree with clark above me. pharm cards are out-dated but i think they contain more side-effects and drug interactions that may be testable than first-aid. i also ended up skimming through katzung and trevor's pharm review book (6th ed.), which is what i used for my pharm course. the major drug names are in bold and are summarized in convenient tables for each chapter. i dunno what's on the exam since i won't take it till 1.5 weeks. yes, first aid is a god-send!!!
-sanfilippo :)


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Mar 5, 2000
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"Pharmacology Review" by George Brenner, Ph.D.,R.Ph. is an excellent review book. It is concise, and includes hundreds of USMLE type questions. The review book is the companion text the STARS "Pharmacology" book.
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