Pharmacy Admission HELP!!

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Aug 6, 2008
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Hey everyone, i am new to this whole forum but it is really really helpful! i wish i found it earlier!

Anyway, I am a senior graduating this December ( a semester early) with a bio degree. I am also a pharmacy tech in a hospital and am going to take the pcat for the first time on 8/23.

I have been through some tough times in my last few years so my GPA has dropped a little, its around a 3.0 and im very scared im not going to get into pharm school :scared: I am hoping to get a good score @ least around the 80s on my pcat. Would that be sufficient enough to get in? I have LOR from the dean of sci @ my uni and also my director of pharmacy wrote me one from work.

I was thinking of applying to schools in cali but if they dont require the PCAT then that means they are looking for super high gpas rite? I heard there is a school in cali that u get accepted to with just a bio degree... is that true? Which one is it? Also anyone who can proof my personal statment? I have written it 3 times and i hope its what they are looking for now... Please help! sorry this is so long!

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Hi RxRabia,
Well, no one here can tell you if you will or won't get in. From what I've heard, California schools are super competitive, so if you live in California you might also want to try out-of-state schools or private schools. Then there's also the option of applying to an unaccredited school but I give that idea a big :thumbdown:.

Just apply and see what happens! Try to make your application more competitive in the meantime. You could retake any classes that have really low grades, or try taking more advanced classes as a graduate student-at-large to improve your GPA.
A 3.0 is kind of low for Cali but if you can bump up your GPA w/easy courses there is a chance. I was in the low 3s (3.2-3.3) and made it in but you have to build a solid out of school app. to stand out.

There is not a preference when dealing with out of vs in state. I honestly think out of state contributes to their diversity so it is worth a shot. They let my country ass in.
LOL ^^ Yea, im aiming for all private schools and 3yr prgms, probably going to apply to like 9 schools... I am looking @ midwestern in AZ, Boston, LECOM and a few other programs. Im only applying to 2 schools here in TX bc i heard its really hard to get into them. I listed a lot of things in my personal statement about myself, I am also a minority so i was hoping it would help too...

I got a W in ochem and C in both 1 and 2 though so i think that will hold me bak, but a good chem grade on the pcat should cover it up i hope... EEEK!! Im so scared!

But thanks so much for all you guys's help! Good luck! :luck: