Pharmacy in the future?


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Aug 19, 2017
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Hello, I'm currently a rising junior in high school. I've started to explore potential job careers for myself, and my friend told me to be a pharmacist. I know that being a pharmacist is a rewarding job, but I think that by the time I graduate, pharmacy will be going downhill, because there are currently many pharmacists where I live (New York). Can anyone tell me if pharmacy will be a good career choice for me when I graduate from college? Also, I took a college level course (AP Chemistry) during my sophomore year in high school, and I failed the AP test... Does that mean that I'm not fit for pharmacy? Thanks for answering :) have a blessed day.


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Aug 24, 2012
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Your AP test doesn't predict your ability to do well in college. College is very very different from high school. As far as pharmacy: you'll have to decide for yourself, shadow some pharmacists and ask them what they think about where the field is going. I don't know much about pharmacy but I know that where I live at least it is grossly over saturated.
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Passion often drives work ethic. Work ethic is defined, in my mind by intensity x duration. With proper work ethic you can do pharmacy. When I started medical school I failed the first two tests. I ended med school scoring one of the highest at my school on boards.

Failure is an ipppurnity to see your deficits and become stronger
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