1. K

    Uni of Denver, Rutgers, Baylor, PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium Info

    Hello! I am new to this website. I am an undergrad majoring in psychology and am interested in applying to PsyD programs. I am now looking into the PsyD programs at Rutgers, Palo Alto, Baylor and University of Denver. Are there anyone currently in the program and can provide some insight and...
  2. klever

    Do classes paint a picture of the applicant

    Hello, Looking over my resume so far, it's hard to understand/see that I have certain interests. However, during college I am taking courses about these interests as some electives to fulfill my geneds and they all have a noticeable theme. Will adcoms be able to see the specific electives I...
  3. T

    Application help

    If my mom went to some college at a community college but never graduated with an associate's or bachelor's degree, am I considered a first-generation college student? Thank you!
  4. A

    Stony Brook University vs HOFSTRA vs St. John’s University (Queens)

    So I’m currently a senior going into college next year and well, please help me out. I can’t decide on a college to commit to so I’ll list the pros and cons. Any feed back is helpful !!! Also, which one would you say has the better science program for med school? Stony Brook U Major: Biology...
  5. S

    pre requirement class online non science classes

    Hello I took Psychology in 2015 online at my CC because I was going in for treatment at children hospital of Philadelphia I was at 18 at that time. because I had leukemia and I was getting chemo and in 2021 I decided to continue my path to finish my pre requirements 2021 I had to take a...
  6. agentfaithmd

    UH- Clear Lake for Pre-Med Degree

    Hey all: So I'm applying to college right now, and I'm hoping to choose a good college that could support my pre-med studies and acceptance to med school. Does anyone know anything about the University of Houston- Clear Lake? I'm looking at their Biological Sciences program (with a...
  7. W

    Incoming undergrad pre-med deciding school help

    Hi! I'm a current highschool senior trying to decide the best university from my options as someone planning on pursuing pre-med. My options are: - Case Western Reserve University (in-state + scholarship) - Wake Forest University - University of Pittsburgh (small scholarship) - Ohio State...
  8. G

    Premed: USF or UF?

    Hi, I was admitted into the honors college at USF and the Summer B program at UF going into premed, but I’m having trouble choosing which college to go to. I don’t know much about the difference between the pre med at these schools. Any information/ advice of which school to go to would help...
  9. sailboatgorilla

    Pre-Med Job Advice

    Hello everyone! This is my first time using this site as I am a freshman undergrad student currently. I was just seeking advice on which job option I should pursue for the upcoming semester. Here are my two options and thoughts on both: a) work on one of my biology professor's research projects...
  10. T_Huene

    Application Check

    So I’m looking for fair and straight criticism on the main points of what will become my application hopefully in the coming couple years. I graduated high school with just below a 3.0 and then continued onto the Honors College of Lewis and Clark Community College in Southern Illinois for an...
  11. B

    Which course is more likely to be accepted as BCPM?

    Hey everyone, I saw people managed to get Psychology courses counted in their BCPM gpa. How I understand it is that an automatic system goes through the course's description to determine if it counts or not. Here are the descriptions of the two courses that I'm deciding between. Abnormal Psych...
  12. velvetcoffee

    Transfer or not during Covid-19

    Hello all, I am current student at Texas Christian University (TCU), but I am thinking of transferring to Vanderbilt University. However, I have a perfect GPA at TCU as a rising sophomore with research opportunities and others activities lined up. I also have connections with professors from...
  13. V

    Help a confused student

    Hello all! I just got my college acceptances back for my undergraduate schools! Right now, I'm stuck between two different universities and was wondering if any of you guys could help me with that. I know that the UCs aren't typically good pre-med programs, but I was wondering which of these...
  14. LindaAccepted

    Medical How Should I Prepare For Medical School in College? [Timeline]

    Follow the guidelines below to create a winning medical school application! (If you are starting the process later than your first year of college, use this key to enable you to follow the advice below.) Freshman year Look for possible mentors. Volunteer. Explore Research. Maintain personal...
  15. mudcutie

    Will a hardship withdrawal and a failed quarter ruin my prospects at med school?

    I'm a college junior who is planning on doing premed + a behavioral neuroscience major / linguistics minor. Freshman year I made mostly A's, a couple B's, all mostly from covering GURs. Come first quarter of sophomore year, I faced some serious mental health struggles and made mediocre grades...
  16. S

    Questions About Reserve/ROTC Service During College/Med School

    Hello, I have been scouring the threads for a couple of days now, and finally decided the best approach was to lay out my situation and see what you guys think/have to say. I am 18 and in my senior year of high school, applying to colleges. I am sure that I want to be a doctor and go to med...
  17. S

    MD Confused junior with a 3.2 GPA

    Hi! I am a current junior and I realize that my grades during the first 2 years of college (especially sophomore year due to mental health problems) are so bad that I'm not sure what to do/whether they can be made up with mostly As/B+s, etc... so I'm seeking out suggestions/help/advice! I have...
  18. C

    MD vs Comp Sci HELP!

    Hey guys, so I am debating between a CS or a MD (and slightly considering dental, but first I want to eliminate or not eliminate CS). I am going to college (a T10) this fall. I am taking an intro CS class as well as pre med requirement classes such as phys and chem, skipping out of intro bio and...
  19. M

    Help with studying habits? Chances for optometry school?

    My GPA keeps dropping! I’m scared to death. My GPA before I took Physics 2 & Organic Chemistry 2 was 3.34. I got C’s in both of those, then it dropped to a 3.31. Once I took Biochemistry, for a C in that, and got more B’s than C’s in my other classes that semester it dropped to a 3.28. I just...
  20. C

    Bit of a sticky situation... Should I switch colleges or stay where I am and adjust?

    Hello, all. I'm in a bit of a weird situation and seeking some advice. I was attending a very small state college while attending a technical college. One was for my undergraduate degree and one was to become a licensed EMT for clinical experience. The state college (3 weeks into classes) denied...
  21. B

    UF college of dentistry

    Like an international trained dentist what I need to apply for the international program there and what time does it take to finish it ?
  22. O

    I need HELP!... Advice for senior in high school

    Hi i posted this before but no one replied. But im in dual enrollment and i currently have 44 hrs almost there for my asssoicates, which is (5 classes left) the most i will ever take. Im too sure what to do or how to handle everything while trying to enjoy and do things in ny last year. I also...
  23. O

    URGENT ADVICE!! Discouraged high school me please

    hi, i made a thread earlier i dont know what the heck happened to it lol. But im in dual enrollment and im trying to get my masticates and i have 5 classes left, which is alot. i have never taken that many before and i need advice on how to handle it being still a senior and balancing school and...
  24. SterlingMaloryArcher

    In an undergrad transfer application personal statement would you talk about med school aspirations?

    So I've seen a lot about personal statements for AMCAS, but that's slightly ahead of where I am now. Applying to universities from community college. I guess I don't want my personal statement to look/sound too much like it was written for med school.
  25. T

    Rate my extracurriculars?

    Hi, everyone. I'm currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. So far, my classes are going well, and I think I have a solid plan for extracurricular activities, but I would like an outsider's opinion. Here are the 15 activities I have, or plan to have, by the end of my college...
  26. B

    Pre Med Major

    I am deciding between psychology and political science as my major in college. Which one makes me look like a more well rounded student to med schools? Also which one looks better for medical schools? I have an interest in both so I am not worried about being bored in either.
  27. GlassOnion

    Can I be nutritionist while in med school?

    So my ultimate goal is to be a surgeon, however, I want to double major in nutrition while doing my undergrad so that by the time I start med school I will already have a stable job that can pull me through financially. Is it possible to have a job like that and go to med school? How...
  28. K

    Switching Majors?

    Hi, I am currently going into my second year of university (undergrad). I am thinking about switching majors from music to bio for med school. I know med schools don't really care what your major is but my science background isn't too strong so I think it may help me prep for the MCAT. Is...
  29. D

    Taking classes outside of your curriculum

    I'm a second year neuroscience major and I have most of the mcat/med school pre-requisites in my curriculum except for biochemistry (which I intend to take). However, I have quite a few classes (outside my curriculum) that I want to take to be more prepared for the mcat and med school classes...
  30. D

    Getting better at Math

    Hi! Math has always been a bit challenging for me and I've been doing well until recently. I dropped my Pre-Calculus 2 class because I could tell I was failing and I had no chance to raise my grade since the class is only 3 months long. As a consequence of that I need to drop the Calculus I had...
  31. G

    question about psychiatry

    Hi everyone, I am still an undergrad (starting my junior year in August). I am interested in a few different fields of medicine ( I know this can very well change in med school, but for now I am simply curious and want more info). With psychiatry, is it common for psychiatrists to practice and...
  32. Smalltowngorl

    Starting Highschool, graduating early?

    Hey so I’m a freshman. Yes I know very early to be thinking about this kinda stuff. I want to graduate early so I can take premed and college at the same time and then go to medical school right after. The problem is, if I don’t keep my GPA up all the way until to the end of junior year (which...
  33. F

    Will these grades matter???

    In 2012 (way before I was even considering med school), I attended a technical college for a marketing diploma. I ended up getting a great job opportunity and left, but didn’t drop my classes correctly, so I made 4 F’s. I’m back in college now, 5+ years later, and have a 3.85 (looking to improve...
  34. O


    Hi i am in highschool abouta be a senior and i am currently taking college classes and i am signed up for intro to bio. Should i take it? I really want to get alot if courses of the way for med school and for my basics done in a quicker cheaper way. I have 25 hours right now. In the summer i...
  35. M

    I Don't Know if I Have What it Takes

    I'm a high school student and I start applying for colleges this summer. I'm so scared because I've been reading about GPA deflations at my dream school, Johns Hopkins. Granted, statistically, I most likely won't get in, but it's got me thinking about whether I should really go through with...
  36. O

    Dual credit pre med classes

  37. G

    Advice or thoughts

    hi, I am hoping to get some feedback about how good or bad of shape I’m in in terms of setting myself up to get into med school. I have just finished my sophomore year of undergrad. I have attended a community college for my first two years. Now that that is done, I will be going to a local...
  38. D

    Psychology or Biology?

    Hi, all. I’m in a predicament. I’ll be a non-traditional student. Have just gone back to college and trying to decide on a major. I’m attending Arizona State ONLINE. Options: A) Major in Psychology. Better chance at a higher GPA. Very interesting to me anyways - and most people say to undergrad...
  39. vitamorior

    Paramedic college credits

    So I'm an active duty soldier who's currently taking college classes, and will soon be pursuing my paramedic license through the army. However after that licensing I'm going to strive towards a BSN. Does anyone know the "transferology" of an EMT-P into college credits so I can calculate what...
  40. E

    SDSU vs PUC vs UCSC

    My options aren't that great. I am going either for chemistry or biochemistry major. What do you think? I am praying to get off UOP program waitlist and UCDavis.