Jun 24, 2016
Hello Everyone,
A lot of the posts I have been reading about concern early assurance and pre-pharmacy, however I am asking particularly about applying for pharmacy school after getting a bachelor's degree from an institution. I am currently attending Carnegie Mellon University and the grades tend to be very harsh so I was wondering what are you guys' statistics and what schools you got accepted into. I really want to University of Buffalo, however I am not sure of my chances. When they calculate GPA do they calculate it differently between science and overall?

Thanks all!
Sep 22, 2016
Pharmacy Student
Hi there! When you submit your PharmCAS application, they do differentiate between overall GPA and science GPA. I did not have a great GPA from my undergraduate years (~3.0). I attended Stony Brook University, which I would say is pretty tough. I spent three years working for an endodontist before I started taking steps to apply to pharmacy school. I scored well on the PCAT, so I think that helped me. Just remember that GPA is only one aspect of your application. It's also worth noting that 43% of UB's class of 2020 has a Bachelors. I was accepted into ACPHS, Temple University, and University at Buffalo.