1. P

    Question regarding R positions

    Hi everyone, I've posted here previously and got great advice but new updates have emerged. I'm trying to switch from IM to neurology after finishing PGY1, and will be able to obtain a letter of good standing from the chair when requested, as well as a letter of recommendation from the chief...
  2. tofudelivery

    Interview questions about research

    So as context, I am very determined to go into an MD/PhD program, and I applied to both the MD and MD/PhD programs at my target school with the intention of reapplying and transferring into MD/PhD if I only get in MD the first time. Research has been a really strong part of why I want to go into...
  3. S

    Physics Pre-Requisite Transfer Question

    Hey guys, so I'm currently on track to graduate with my degree in Biology this semester with all of my prereqs done except Physics II from a 4-year university. Since it's not required for my major and won't affect me getting my degree, I've decided that I should just take this class in person at...
  4. L

    Will medical schools look down on community college coursework?

    I haven't been in high school since 2007 but I've been I other schools for my CNA license and have been working in medical-related jobs. I applied to a 4-year university and they said since I haven't been in high-school for so long or a traditional college, they want to see recent college work...
  5. I

    Leaving a BS/MD program?

    Hey everyone--this may be a lengthier post so I apologize I'll preface by saying that this would be a personal decision I'd make away from the internet, but I was curious if anyone knew somebody who did this or what your general thoughts would be: I just finished my first semester at a BS/MD...
  6. A

    Change/"Transfer" to a different Post-bacc?

    Hi all - So I'm a semester into my post-bacc and really am not feeling like this specific school is a good fit for me, I'm hoping I can maybe gain some insights/advice from the wonderful humans here in SDN. Briefly, I'm 25 years old--been working at a psychiatric inpatient unit (just came up...
  7. L

    PhD/PsyD First year student seeking advice

    Hi! I am a first-year PsyD student, and I am planning to transfer out of the program as I feel like I'm not gaining any value, especially given what I'm paying for tuition. I chose this particular program as I believed there would be some if not an equal opportunity to pursue research and access...
  8. zandra1

    Transferring to a local university

    Hello SDN, I am new to the forum and excited to be part of the community! I am currently a sophomore at a state school with an affiliated med school with an AMCAS GPA of 3.84 That being said I entered college with a different career in mind (and a non stem degree/ no med school pre-requisites)...
  9. N

    Re-applying to Residency Advice - EM to IM

    I'm a recent MD grad from an east coast med school who matched into an academic West Coast emergency medicine program. This application cycle was particularly hard for me because I hadn't been able to visit programs and cities. I unfortunately ended up prioritizing reputation and program length...
  10. A

    Transferring to a podiatry school in the West Coast

    Hey everyone, I have been thinking about transferring to a West Coast program for some time now. Let's just say I didn't make the best decision as an incoming freshman and I really don't like my current program (which is based on the East coast). They have been nothing but awful to our class and...
  11. P

    Position Wanted PGY 1 IM categorical Resident looking for PGY 1/ Upcoming PGY 2 spot.

    Hi, I am a PGY 1 categorical IM resident from Upstate NY with good standing. Looking for PGY 2 positions for June/July 2021. Please suggest/reach. [email protected]
  12. A

    Other My YouTube Video on Switching Residencies Outside the Match

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share a YouTube video I made on my tips for finding a residency position outside of the match/switching residencies. I successfully switched from Radiology to Psychiatry (PGY2 position) myself and these are the things I did to find a position at a great program! I'm...
  13. velvetcoffee

    Transfer or not during Covid-19

    Hello all, I am current student at Texas Christian University (TCU), but I am thinking of transferring to Vanderbilt University. However, I have a perfect GPA at TCU as a rising sophomore with research opportunities and others activities lined up. I also have connections with professors from...
  14. topwoodsfan27

    Looking for advice

    Hi all- I’m slightly non-traditional. 22yo Caucasian female, LGBT. Long story short, I graduated HS in 2015 and was awarded a Stamps Scholarship to LSU. During my third semester in the Fall of 2016, I was forced to resign for medical reasons. I returned in the spring and completed that semester...
  15. diethylbenzene

    UG Transfer impacting med school admission chances?

    I am currently a sophomore studying Chemistry at the University of Washington, and I recently was accepted as a transfer to UCLA for the same major. I plan on applying to medical school after taking a gap year, but I don't know if transferring is the best option for me. I'm fortunate enough to...
  16. avpaddict

    Rutgers Pharmacy Prerequisites for Transfers

    Hi, I have a question about transferring into the pharmacy school! Is it true that in order to apply as a transfer student for Rutgers EMSOP, you need to complete all of the prerequisite courses BEFORE YOU APPLY? I mean, is it possible to put off the completion for some of the remaining...
  17. V

    OSU Now Accepting Transfer Students

    Hi Everyone, I am a current Ohio State vet student student that has heard through the grape vine that OSU will now be accepting transfer student FOR ALL CLASSES! This means if OSU is a program you would like to consider going to, you can apply to transfer! Also if you are a student that is...
  18. Dakterbin

    NEED HELP,,,,- 4 year school -> community college-> 4 year school/ will it affect medical school application!!??

    Hi all I want to move from my current school, to community college then 4 year school. Currently, I have cGPA of 3.6 which, isn't terribly bad, but I want to improve the number more by attending more years at college. but I have several academic and personal reasons to leave my current...
  19. CardioK

    3.63 Community college GPA 2.85 4 year

    I transferred from community college after my associates degree. I have a 3.63 gpa from there. I’m now sitting with a 2.85 from my time at the university. (They don’t add in community college gpa) I was wondering how this process would look for me when applying to med schools. I still have to...
  20. P

    Successful Vet School Transfers?

    Can any successful DVM transfers tell me what their GPA and class standing was like? I want to transfer from my current caribbean vet school to one in the U.S.. I think my reasons are valid enough, due to the current citizenship and the immigration policies changing in the US, my husband is not...
  21. M

    who thinks the federal law of transferring controls should be removed?

    Hey yall, the state I studied in did not allow the transfer of controls, but i’m studying for another MPJE now which does allow it. I don’t understand why they’d allow it, as if non controls weren’t enough of a hassle to transfer. Controls have so much more info that’s required 1-what if I...
  22. P

    Transferring undergraduate schools as a pre-med.

    Hi guys! This past year I attended George Washington University as a pre- med and academically I did pretty well and finished freshman year with a 3.83 GPA. The only downfall of GW is that I was super unhappy there and nothing seemed to click outside of academics. Because of this I want to...
  23. F

    Taking a gap year before transferring

    Hello lovely people. So I'm a junior transfer and due to my current situation, I may have to take a year off to earn money for my education. I recently came across Americorps and it would be the perfect opportunity to serve, make a bit of money and maybe even use any free time I have to study...
  24. R

    Waiver Transfer Due to Family-Related Issues

    I recently matched into a program. Between rank order deadline and match day, a family member's health deteriorated rapidly and I am searching to transfer closer to home. I would like to request a waiver, but I wanted to know that if a waiver is granted, does that mean you are no longer part...
  25. N

    Let’s talk about money! Scholarships undergraduate transfer help?

    Disclaimer:) If this is not the right forum please tell me where to post/English is not my first language and I am on my phone so don’t kill me over formatting/grammar. I am hopefully transferring out of my Californian community college (applied to UC’s tagged UCSB so that seems a sure yes)...
  26. P


  27. jjmanutd24

    NAVLE Score Transfers

    Hey guys! Im a foreign veterinary graduate from India. I recently passed the ECFVG and the NAVLE after almost 2 years of hard work. So i took the NAVLE in Connecticut and I am currently waiting for my Connecticut state license (i took it here because I was working as a Vet Tech at a hospital...
  28. O

    Possibility of a transfer to an EU medical faculty from a Non-Eu one

    Hi there, I'm a non-eu citizen now doing my 5th year at Near East University of Northern Cyprus (Non-EU), and I was wondering what are the possibilities of transferring to a medical faculty in the EU region for my 6th year (Italy, Spain preferred but anywhere in the EU works just fine). Any...
  29. P

    Other OB/GYN PGY1 looking to transfer to another OB/GYN program

    OB/GYN PGY1 looking to transfer to another OB/GYN program
  30. SterlingMaloryArcher

    In an undergrad transfer application personal statement would you talk about med school aspirations?

    So I've seen a lot about personal statements for AMCAS, but that's slightly ahead of where I am now. Applying to universities from community college. I guess I don't want my personal statement to look/sound too much like it was written for med school.
  31. S

    Transferring Residency Questions

    Hello Everyone I'm an IM intern in an osteopathic residency looking to transfer into an ACGME program. If I get accepted to the new program are there any restrictions to transfer? Will it be a match violation? - I scrambled into an AOA program.
  32. T

    transferring to SGU

    Hey all! I am a current first year student at a Caribbean school and I was thinking about transferring to SGU for my second year. Is this possible? I submitted an application when I was originally applying to schools but got accepted into my current school before I heard back and they ended up...
  33. G


    Hi everyone, I am a junior currently. I transferred from a two year college to a 4 year this semester. I am wondering...when I apply to med school, will my gpa from the two year school count in my gpa calculations that calculate the gpa med schools will see? Or will only my gpa for these last...
  34. H

    Help me with your opinion

    I am a 4th year medical student abroad in a 6 years system, I still have more 2 years to go.My family is moving back to the US ( I am a US citizen ) and I really wanna stay with them, do you advise to come to the US, take the prerequistes in a year an apply or just finish what I got left and...
  35. TurboPorsche

    Transferring?... Good Idea or Bad?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a rising junior at Grand Valley State University (pursuing a major in biomedical sciences with minors in business and chemistry). I currently hold a 3.87 with my current major, work over the weekend as a Radiology Tech Assistant, volunteer and shadow weekly during...
  36. Mt. Fuji

    I'm Japanese student. PLEASE HALP ME!!

    Hello everyone, I'm Japanese graduated HS in Japan and living Japan now. I'm 20 years old. I want to enter a community college and transfer a university. Afterwords, I want to enter medical school. I'm going to enter a community college in California so I want to know: Which community college...
  37. msvnamra

    Everyone talks about taking pre reqs at a four year but how are you suppose to transfer?

    Hi everyone, It is known that dental schools prefer it when students take their pre reqs at a 4 year institution over a cc. But how would for instance a bio or chem major transfer, since most of the pre reqs are actually classes you have to take to even transfer to a university? This is really...
  38. P

    Goucher pre-med

    My daughter is a freshman neuroscience major at UCLA, hoping to go to medical school. She has a 3.6 for the first two quarters but finds the school too big and impersonal. She took the last quarter off and has been applying to smaller transfer schools that give merit aid to transfers and have...
  39. D

    Best undergrad UC as a cc transfer student?

    Hey All, I am currently a community college student who is about to transfer to an UC. I am super grateful that I've been accepted to all 9 UC's, but now I am in the process of deciding which one to go to. I have narrowed it down to between UCSD (erc), UCLA, and UC Davis. Are there any other...
  40. B

    Should I take cc general science classes before transferring to 4 yr?

    I'm switching my major from nursing to biology AS, I go to a community college and hope to transfer to IUPUI for pre-med. Most of the general science classes will transfer. However, I'm not sure if i should take the general science classes at a community college; some medical schools frown upon...