Phone Calls

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Aug 17, 2008
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What does a phone call from a PD mean?

A-If you rank them #1, then you are golden
B-You are looked at favorably, but that's about it
C-There is such a thing as true love
D-Nothing, they call everybody

Has anyone heard of someone getting a phone call from their top choice, only to be dissapointed on match day?

I know this is strictly going to be your opinion, so lets have it!

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I think it would kinda matter what was said. For example:

"Hey, I noticed you were indicted for securites fraud yesterday!" would bode rather poorly. Or,

"I was expecting a better showing on Step 2" would also be a downer.

Assuming that nothing untoward happened, it could mean that 1) they like you and are planning on ranking you on their list where they usually match; 2) They are really desperate, you're much better than their usual applicants, and they're trying to figure out if your serious, or psychotic.

Overall, I would certainly consider it a positive but no guarantee.