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Dec 10, 2005
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Hey guys,

So as I wait to hear back from schools (one rejection pre interview :(), I was thinking about random things. Whenever I read papers, articles, or faculty listing of basic science research, the list includes PhD and MDs only. Have any of you seen DOs involved in basic science research (eg. cell cycle progression, transcription, etc.)? And have you seen DOs be involved in some of those combined residency programs involving Internal Medicine and Research
(eg. ). There are several other schools which have such program. But the surprising part is that the description only mentions MD vs. MD/PhD and totally ignores DO. Does this mean that DOs can't get into such programs? How competitive are these programs? I am just wondering because I work in the lab right now (only about 20 hours a week) but love it. The idea of physician scientist is very intriguing (but obviously medicine is my first priority, thus the reason not applying to any DO/PhD). So please tell me anything you know about these Physician Scientist programs and Osteopathy!!!! Good luck to everyone applying this cycle!!!!