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    Hi all, I'm a soon-to-be Pitt grad that will be moving back to the Pacific Northwest after graduation. If any of you incoming Pitt students are interested in purchasing a home, ours is on the market! Owning our home has been great for many reasons, not the least of which is that it helped us establish in-state residence (which saved us thousands each year). has served as an investment (instead of throwing your money away on rent), and frankly has been a calming influence on my stressed brain (it's like a country setting with nearly an acre of land that includes a stream and woods but only 5 minutes from stores, shops, mall). Plus, as you get used to life as a dental student, I can be a source of info/advice! Anyway, here's a link to our listing:

    We've done a lot of updates and I'd be happy to explain more to anyone inerested.

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