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Aug 13, 2007
Any opinions on this?

Pros BU
- Apex
- Boston is a great city/young people everywhere
- close to home
- perhaps less competitive student body (better chance of high rank)

Cons BU
- rumors that its difficult to get patients
- old facilities
- 260K plus :scared:

Pros Pitt
- really high tech and digital
- great sim lab
- link with the teaching hospital
- smaller class size
- amazing research opportunities
- lower cost of living
- around 50K cheaper that BU

Cons Pitt
- Pittsburgh is a little more isolated/less of a city feel
- farther away from home
- 30% females only?! :eek: I'm a girl... guys are great but I need my galpals
- PBL and something about a 12 month year? what??

- have all the dental specialities
- apparently have great cultural diversity in the cities
- great faculty and really friendly staff/students

Do we know which school produces the better board scores? or churns out the most students that go on to specialize?

ANY OPINIONS anyone?? :idea:
I'd really really appreciate any/all input or feedback
Happy Holidays!!!


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Oct 20, 2008
id take BU..its way better out there...and honestly cost is something u shouldnt worry about when ur in this profession
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Nov 14, 2008
Boston Celtics baby!! Number 1!! lol
For a more serious matter,

Boston is a more lively city when compared to Pitt. It had this energetic atmosphere. Also, personally, if I live close to a school I would consider that as a major factor. I would like to stay close so when I graduate I would have really close ties and connections to home. And you say cost difference is about 50k? If your gonna be payin back loans, 50k wouldnt make or break your pocket...plus you be makin so much when you graduate, so it wouldnt matter. Just my 2 cents...good luck on your decision though :D


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May 12, 2008
New England
don't forget the phenomenal Boston Bruins!!!!!!!!!!:love:


in another life...
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Jul 29, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Dental Student
I agree that Pitt might be considered by some to be a "better school" academically. However, you should remember that in the last 8 years Pitt has had some serious problems with students failing Part I of the boards. It improved last year, but still, for a school that people talk about so highly, that surprised me.

The Pitt students were far more disparaging about their school and location. Of the 5-person panel, 2 of the students said that they commuted back to their hometowns regularly (NY), and that they cried upon returning to Pittsburgh. One guy said there was "no way in Hell" he would stay to practice in Pittsburgh. And another guy said that he couldn't stand the competitive nature, that they had a lot of gunners in the program. And the fifth student gave standard "Pitt is awesome" answers across the board.

At Boston, cost is a major concern. But as far as the education goes, I wouldn't be concerned about BU being sub-par academically. The patient scheduling issues are slightly improved but still a pain-in-the-butt as far as I could tell. Everyone is hoping for a paperless future there, but that will take time to implement.

Anyway - good luck in your decision. Make sure that you look past the stock answers of "Pitt is better" or "Boston rocks" and think about what you experienced on the tour. Cost does indeed play a role in decision-making, and location does as well. Also, as DuffMan01 said, creating ties in the community around the school is SUPER beneficial if you plan to practice there later in life. I actually consider this a more valuable aspect of location than "party life." Make connections where you want to be.
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