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Pitt or Buffalo

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Feb 29, 2004
  1. Resident [Any Field]
    I think Buffalo probably offers a better education, but PITT is very well thought of. In deciding between the two, I personally would take price and location as my primary reasons for one program over another. Considering that they are both rust belt cities (although I think Pitt has recently undergone some major improvements), I would probably weigh the cost more. If you are a resident of either state, go to that school...if not, go to the one that you feel you will be more comfortable with. I cannot speak for PITT, but at Buffalo the students are generally happy with both the school and our social lives...

    Good luck with your decision, either way...you can't lose


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    10+ Year Member
    Jan 12, 2007
      they are both great schools.
      if i had been accepted ( i got waitlisted) to buffalo i would have a hard time deciding between the two.
      it all depends on what ur looking for in a school and what kind of environment would allow u to be successful


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      Sep 29, 2005
      Enchanted Forest
      1. Medical Student
        which one did you end up picking? I've been to both schools for interview, and pittsburgh might have the look of a metro city but it might just be too expensive without much to offer. Night life suffers in both cities in the winter, but at least there's Toronto just a couple of hours away from Buffalo.
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