Similarity of UW and real deal.

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  • FA was enough to get to the right option, no need to go through whole Uworld. Just skim through

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  • Read all the answer choices of Uworld

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Jul 2, 2017
Hi everyone,
Here are my questions:
1. Are the options of the questions of real exam same (or similar) as Uworld?
2. Most of the Uworld questions can be answered by FA (I felt that), if someone could answer UWorld question using knowledge from FA, but not able to differentiate most of the answer choices, would that be enough?
Is it important to know most of the answer choices/options of UWorld? I mean do they test on vague options in real deal?
@LyMed waiting for the response.
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May 6, 2014
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i was also wondering this. i hear alot of people say its similar to Uworld, but in which way? really confused.
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