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please guide

Discussion in 'International Dental' started by dentokid, May 26, 2008.

  1. dentokid

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    Jun 29, 2007
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    I am from India. I have given the nbde part1 but have been rejected by many dental schools for the advanced placement program. Can any one guide me what should i do now. My part1 score is 87 in new format. and i have a very good toefl score.
    1) I heard from many people about the summer research programs? what are these and what should i do to get into them.
    2) should i join a ortho or paedo course. Is a certificate course suffient to upgrade my C.V. Which universities can I apply as I come to U.S. only on the tourist visa. I dont have citizenship of u.s. and i am slso not a resident of united states.
    Can I join 1 yr general practice dental residency? Am i eligible.
    3) Should I regive part1, as my scores are neither sufficient to help me enter any IDP program or any other course.
    I am feeling helpless. Your suggesions will help me definately.
    good luck to all the applicants
  2. Ibanez

    Ibanez Hai Ya!
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    Aug 12, 2007
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    Dental Student

    Well take GRE, get a real-high score and apply for MPA/MPH/or other health-science related fields at good universities. You have an option of either joining 1/2 yr program... If you score high on GRE, you'll be able to get into a good 1 yr program.

    Once in a program, try to maintain good class average... (try to stay in top 5) If you're hard-working and your class-scores are good then you might get an opportunity to be a 'Teaching Assistant' (that way your tuition fee for rest of your semesters will be waved-off). Also try to involve yourself in research projects.

    Once done with such program, you can either work as a Public Health Personnel or you can consider re-taking NBDE Part 1. (Or if your GPA is stellar by then, your application will be good enough without even re-taking your Part 1)

    Good Luck,
    PS Well this is what I would have done if I were you!

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