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Jul 2, 2023
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Hi, please help me decide between Tufts and NYU DDS program.
Tuition and cost of living is pretty much similar, Tufts perharps a little bit cheaper in housing rental, however, I read from the other thread "some bad things about Tufts almost going bankrupt because of Covid and they had to up the prices on everything and sacrifice some faculty wages". On the other hand. it seems like NYU is the most hated school in the forum (is it mostly because of the expensive tuition and high cost of living?). I am still waiting to hear back from some other schools, but I need to pay the deposit this week. As an international applicant, I don't receive any financial assistant nor scholarship (I didn't get any with my offer email), so please advise which school is better based on other factors but not the costs.

Thank you in advance!
i have 2019 data that says tufts has $53k cheaper COA
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Thank you for the info. Aside from the cheaper COA, do you know of any pros vs cons between the two schools? As I am not in USA, I want to understand the advantages/disadvantages of the 2 programs before making the decision.
1 cheaper
2 anywhere but NYU
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