Oct 31, 2013
Medical Student
Hello all. This is my prospective list for USMLE Step 1 study resources:

Kaplan Q Book and Kaplan Q Bank

HY Behavioural Sci
HY Neuro

HY Cell/Molecular
Lange Biochem flash cards

BRS Physio

BRS Anatomy Qs
UMich Anatomy Qs
HY Embryo
Kaplan Anatomy/Neuro

Kaplan Micro/Immuno

Kaplan Pharm
Kaplan Pharm flash cards

Goljan RR Path

Now the list is long, but I intend to annotate my FA with the HY books, so Id only be going over those once.
Same for the most part for Micro/Immuno.

I am an IMG, and we have an NMBE comprehensive exam at the end of semester 5. I am wrapping up semester 4, so much/all of the annotation will be done by the middle of semester 5. Afterwards I get 3-4 months of dedicated study time. During the dedicated time, it will be:

Annotated FA
Kaplan Anatomy
Kaplan Pharm
Kaplan Pharm flashcards

With Uworld and Kaplan Q bank as my question sources.

I know the motto is not to spread too thin and learn a few resources very well. Given my plan and the final list of resources, what are your thoughts? Is it still too much? Any recommendable refinements?

Also: I have Kaplan and BRS anatomy as my anatomy sources. Still takes a LONG time to get through it. Anyone have any fast/effective anatomy review sources they can recommend?

Also: I avoid studying from FA during the semester I am learning the course from until the very end when I take an NBME shelf exam. I havent written Pharm or Path shelf exams yet. Can anyone tell me how effective FA is for these two subjects?

Also: I am currently using FA 2013. I will write Step 1 in Sept/Oct 2014. Is it recommendable to switch to the FA 2014 or am I safe with 2013?

Note: Many of the resources I have selected were highly ranked by FA as strong review sources, if someone is wondering why I have selected a particular resource. The Kaplan sources I selected because I felt they were very good for learning from.

Thank you!
Nov 12, 2013
Medical Student
Wow that is really comprehensive. I am also trying to figure out a study plan although I am a ways off from taking the beast. From friends I have talked to they seem to think it is better to only use 2-3 resources (Uworld, First Aid, Pathoma/Goljan) but know them really well vs. using a whole bunch of resources