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PLEASE READ! Nontrad FAQs and Helpful Links: Updated 10/19/12

Discussion in 'Nontraditional Students' started by QofQuimica, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. QofQuimica

    QofQuimica Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting.... Lifetime Donor SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    This sticky is intended to be a resource to help those of you who are just embarking on your journey to professional school. There are links to several other forums on SDN that can provide you with specific information about these topics. In addition, there are links to threads from this forum that previous users felt would be pertinent to nontraditional students. The original sticky was getting too long and unwieldy, so I am breaking it up into two posts. This one will have links that pertain to issues faced by nontrads in general, while the next one will be geared toward the nuts and bolts of applying to professional schools. Feel free to PM if you have any suggestions for improving this sticky or threads that you'd like to see added.

    Start here: What Is the Purpose of This Forum?

    Nontrad Awesome Advice Threads
    Nontrad "Secrets" of Application Success: posts by accepted nontrads about how they made it into professional school
    LOW GPA Success Stories (Posts by Nontrads Already Accepted to Med School): similar to the "Secrets of Application Success" thread
    Low GPA Plans for Success (Posts by Premeds Not Yet Accepted to Med School): premed version of the "Low GPA Success Stories" thread
    Things I Wish I Knew at the Beginning: advice for how to succeed as a nontrad premed and practical tips for surviving the app process--a must-read for all nontrad premeds!
    Pros and Cons of Going to Medical School as a Nontrad: discussion by med students and premeds.

    Other Threads and Forums of General Interest to Nontrad Premeds:
    "What Are My Chances?" Forum: forum to post threads to seek advice on your competitiveness for medical school
    Do You Regret Not Going to Medical School Directly After College? reflections on going to med school as a nontrad
    Thinking of Waiving the White Flag: discussion of when to give up on med school in favor of an alternative career. See this thread also.
    Should I Mention My Kids on AMCAS? Thread: opinions about how to deal with discussing family on AMCAS
    How Old is Too Old? discussion about starting med school in one's 30s
    Is 45 Too Old/Late to Make a Career Change?: pros and cons of starting a post bac and applying to med school in one's mid to late 40s.
    What Is the Hardest Job That You Have Ever Done? discussion of nontrad work experiences before med school. See this thread also.
    Hypothetically, does there ever come a time when it all just wasn't worth it? Discusses dealing with your doubts about the medical training pathway
    What Were Your Stats? This thread is kind of like MD apps for nontrads accepted to medical school, all conveniently in one place.

    Threads about Medical Student and Physician Experiences
    Nontrads Who Just Finished MS1: posts by current medical students and residents about med school life as a nontrad. See this thread also.
    Satisfaction with Medicine: posts by med students and residents on how they feel about their decision to go to med school.
    Do Young Med Students Accept Older Nontrads?: nontrad and trad student thoughts about the generation gap
    Do People Overexaggerate the Difficulty of Medical School? Thread discussing if med school is really as hard as some make it out to be. See this thread also.
    Nontrad Blog Roll: List of blogs by nontrad premeds, med students, and attendings.
    Nontrad Residency Thread: nontrad residents posting about residency life
    Why the cynicism? More thoughts about the downsides of medical school, residency, and being a physician

    Threads about Family Life for Physicians and Medical Students
    Keeping a Marriage Together in Medical School: posts by married nontrad med students on the work/family balance
    Female Doctor and Family: another discussion about how to achieve the work/family balance in medicine. See this thread also.
    Spouse Asks: What Is It Going to Be Like for Me? discussion about what to expect as a spouse of a nontrad medical student
    When to Have Kids? discussion about the timing of having children during medical training

    Financial Issues for Nontrad Pre-Professionals:
    Info on Funding for School: SDN's financial aid forum
    Funding a Second Bachelors Degree: suggestions about what to do if you've already maxed out your loans
    Starting Medical School with 100% Loans: discussion for those going to med school with no financial aid
    New GI Bill: thread to discuss the new GI bill, which provides educational funding for those who served in the military
    Economic Return of Medicine vs. Law or Business: very interesting thread about the return on your investment in an MD/DO if you are mainly looking to maximize income

    Right now, the list is pretty med school-centric. If you're going into another health field besides medicine and would like to get some specific threads for your field added to this list, feel free to make suggestions here. Also, if you find that any of the links are broken or otherwise not working, please PM me and let me know.
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  3. QofQuimica

    QofQuimica Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting.... Lifetime Donor SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    This post has links to specific threads and forums that give info and advice on how to navigate through the application process itself.

    General Information about Applying to Medical School:
    Information for Pre-Allopathic (MD) Students and Applicants: links to SDN resources and FAQs for pre-allopathic students
    Information for Pre-Osteopathic (DO) Students and Applicants: links to SDN resources and FAQs for pre-osteopathic students
    Information about Caribbean Medical Schools: SDN forum for Caribbean medical schools. See also this thread and this thread.
    Re-Applicants Forum: get advice on improving your application before applying again
    Texas Fresh Academic Start Program: thread discussing starting over academically as a premed in TX
    Disadvantaged--do I claim? Thread discussing when and whether to claim disadvantaged status on AMCAS
    Disadvantaged Before Medicine: another thread considering the issue of disadvantaged status. Not by a nontrad, but well worth reading.

    Information for Nontrads Applying to Other Health Professions (*not* MD/DO):
    Dental FAQs: from SDN pre-dental forum
    Optometry: SDN pre-optometry forum
    Pharmacy FAQs: from SDN pre-pharmacy forum
    Podiatry FAQs: from SDN pre-podiatry forum
    Veterinary Do's and Don't's: from SDN pre-veterinary forum

    Academic Requirements for Medical School:
    Information about Premedical Coursework:
    The Low GPA--What Do I Do Thread: advice and explanations for your options if you have a low GPA. A must-read thread.
    Post-Bacs and SMPs: SDN forum explaining the ropes for those who need to beef up their grades
    Surviving Organic Chemistry: advice for premeds struggling with organic
    Are Just the Prereqs Enough? discussion about whether to take advanced science courses beyond the prereqs
    Online Premed Lab Courses: discussion about taking premed requirements online
    Formal Post Bac vs. Do-it-Yourself: discussion of pros and cons of formal vs. informal post bacs​

    Information about the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT):
    SDN MCAT Forum Resources Sticky: basic info about the MCAT and how to prepare for it
    Useful MCAT Links Sticky: find info on test prep methods, links to the AAMC website, and popular SDN MCAT threads
    Computer-Based Test (CBT) 30+ Scorers' Advice Thread: study advice from high scorers on the MCAT CBT
    MCAT Question and Answer Subforum: go here to ask MCAT subject and strategy questions
    MCAT Topics and Explanations Sticky: links to didactic threads for each MCAT subject, written by SDN staff
    Official SDN "Should I Retake?" Thread: post here to get or offer advice about whether to retake the MCAT
    Nontrad MCAT Success Thread: MCAT advice from high-scoring nontrads​
    Non-Academic Requirements [Extracurricular (EC), Letter of Recommendation (LOR)] for Medical School:
    How Much Shadowing is Necessary? posts about how much clinical experience is enough
    I Have No One to Write LORs for Me: ideas about who nontrad applicants can ask for LORs
    Volunteer Hours--an Unspoken Requirement? Thread: Discussion about the importance of having volunteer experience
    Are Personal Statements Really That Cheesy? discussion about what makes a PS good versus cheesy.
    How Much Weight Does an EMT Certification Carry? discussion of EMT training as an EC.
    Courseload + ECs, how much is too much? thoughts about when doing it becomes overdoing it.

    Again, if you would like to get some specific threads added to this list, feel free to make suggestions here. Also, if you find that any of the links are broken or otherwise not working, please PM me and let me know.
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  4. QofQuimica

    QofQuimica Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting.... Lifetime Donor SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    Networking Threads and Forums
    Support Accountability Partners Thread: find fellow nontrads to go through the process with you
    Is Anyone Else Nervous about Starting Med School? Thread: find other MS0's who also have cold feet
    Under-Represented Minority (URM) Forum: network with other students from under-represented backgrounds--posters of all backgrounds welcome
    Women in Healthcare Forum: discuss women's issues and network--male posters also welcome

    Just for Fun:
    Nontraditional Student Ages Thread: you think you're old? Check out some of these folks!
    How Many Spaces After a Period? seems that most of us still use two. :p
    Ever Make the Mistake of Thinking the 90s Weren't That Long Ago? How about the 80s? :oops:
    SDN Anonymous: Worried that you might be an SDN addict? You're in good company!
    Nontrads, Tell Us about Your 'Wild' Friday Night: Thinking that you've lost your cool edge? If so, you're in the right forum. Read on!
    Favorite Songs of Nontrads: Post your favorite songs and music videos here. (Obscene or copyrighted material will be removed in accordance with the SDN TOS.)
    Summer Reading List: A thread to pick up some good junk food books, or at least something that's not a textbook, while you're on vacation.
    12 AM to 6 AM Thread: Connect with other night owls, and make sure you post what you had for midneat.
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  5. QofQuimica

    QofQuimica Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting.... Lifetime Donor SDN Administrator 10+ Year Member

    Threads for People Considering Whether to Make a Career Change: think about these downsides before you proceed!
    Dodged a Bullet: former premed who realized medicine wasn't for them after all
    Nova Doctors' Diaries: two hour documentary following the lives of seven medical students--recommended viewing for every potential premed.
    Is Anyone Happy in Medicine Anymore? With as negative as SDN can be sometimes, any happy physicians out there?
    If You Could Do It Over Again, Would You? Opinions from physicians and med students. Please note that this thread is in the General Residency forum, which is not a place to post premed questions.

    Threads about Changing from X Career to Medicine:
    Business to MD/DO
    Computer Science to MD/DO
    Engineering to MD/DO See this thread as well.
    Grad Student, MS, or PhD-to-MD/DO
    Marine Corps to MD/DO
    RN-to-MD/DO See this thread also.

    Deciding Among Different Health Careers:
    Why Not PA School Instead of Med School? thread for people debating PA versus MD. See also this thread, this thread, and this thread.
    CRNA versus MD: debating between nurse anesthetist and medicine
    MD vs. DO: note that MD and DO are two parallel training pathways to become a physician, with some minor differences

    Threads for Motivation and Support:
    A Dose of Non-trad Motivation (Quotes): motivational quotes
    Is Anyone Else Nervous to Start Med School? support thread for all of you MS0's
    Your Grandest Plans Thread: support thread for premeds to post their aspirations and goals
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