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Jun 7, 2007
Hey guys, I posted a previous thread about this matter and no one has responded. I purchased some OAT practice test problems from and I wanted to know if anyone purchased and did problems from this site before? I wanted to know the level of difficulty in these problems and if they are harder or about the same as the actual OAT. I just did 109 bio questions and got 81 correct. That is approx 74% correct. If I am wrong, I believe a 74% in the bio gives you a score between 350-360?? I need to know if this is correct and the level of difficulty of these problems. I scored a 290 in the bio the first time I took the OAT so I want to know where I stand on improvement.

Anyone that has purchased problems from this site, I would really appreciate it if you can respond back and answer my questions. Thank you very much!! :)


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May 22, 2006
nope. i think i found this site in a search years ago and never bit. if you have oat achiever or kaplan tests to practice you should be fine. good luck on bio, i know its a lot!:luck:
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