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Oct 11, 2000
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My science gpa is about 2.9, and my overall is at 3.3. I guess that my grades have been kind of up and down, and I know I'll be asked why this is so. I really have no excuses, I was just immature. I wanted to know if you thought I had a decent chance at dental schools. I tested 20 on academic and 22 on the PAT. Thanks so much,

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I think you have a decent shot at dental schools, especially if you are getting good grades now. Although your science GPA is low, your DAT score is good. Some schools have low numbers (GPA and DAT) for their entering class, so I would think you have a definite shot at those schools. You could also apply to schools that don't emphasize GPA as much, such as UOP. You can apply to higher numbered schools, and still get accepted. Study hard this year, call the admissions people of the schools you are interested in to see what they think about your stats, and beef up extracurriculars. Good luck
I also have a sci gpa of around a 2.7 and overall gpa of 3.01. I received an 18/17 on my DAT and have applied to 15 schools, two which include UOP and Howard. I am a senior in undergrad college, and waiting to hear from the dental schools. I feel like it's out of my reach now, is there anything else I can do...also, do you think I have a shot at all? My applications just got to the dental schools, so how long did you guys have to wait to get interviews? I haven't been asked to interview yet and I'm terribly worried. Would it help to go visit the school myself? Any opinions/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.