Post-Bac Advice for Low GPA, high MCAT

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Oct 9, 2014
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After doing poorly in Orgo 2 last semester, I decided to retake it during this summer and did just as bad. First time around, I chalked this up to poor study habits stemming from some chronic health issues. This summer, I was unable to study effectively with research and another class, and could not handle the accelerated curriculum. This has really screwed my GPA, so I am trying to prepare for a gap year as I continue applying to med schools, and am looking into some Post-Bac options. I have a 3.36 GPA, 3.0 sGPA, all pre-reqs finished, rising senior. I have a pretty easy schedule senior year, hoping to push 3.4+, 3.1+ by the time I graduate. I have a 515 MCAT.

A lot of MSP programs with linkages I've looked at seem to be towards people who haven't finished their pre-reqs and will use the extra year to do courses and study for the MCAT. In my case, I wouldn't need to retake the MCAT. I have decent ECs and clinical experience, no research publications but I do have lots of lab experiences. I don't think taking a gap year to pursue research, which I have never been fond of, or get a job would improve my app as my GPA is really the only thing holding me back. I'm thinking a post-bac would be ideal- with my MCAT and pre-reqs finished, would a self-structured postbac at either my undergraduate (top 10) or at a in-state school be more advantageous? My home state has lots of public schools so I'd like to maintain residency since my family is actually moving to another state this upcoming year.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! :)


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Mar 13, 2013
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I don't think you need post bacc. Just take some upper level science classes along with your Orgo 2. Your MCAT is great for DO route. Take Orgo 2 in this semester that way it will show it in progress or take at community college and apply this cycle for DO because DO is a longer cycle. If you apply broadly you will able to get in somewhere. The deadlines for some schools are 2/1/18. If you are set for next year then you have plenty of time to raise your sGPA. I think you are good. Your gpa is low for MD.
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