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Jun 24, 2017
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I'm seeking some advice on my next course of action in regards to attaining a PhD in clinical psychology. I graduated in 2015 from my undergrad with a psychology BA and unfortunately not the best GPA (2.69). Fortunately I was able to work as a research assistant in two labs run by graduate students during my junior and senior year. Since graduating I have worked as a Mental Health Targeted Case Manager and as a crisis specialist with United Way so I do have research and clinical experience. I have already taken the GRE and did decently but plan on taking it again before it is time to apply to masters level programs.
I have heard different things from different sources and advisors on if taking post bac classes (non degree seeking) at the university I intend on applying to in the future or if going back and picking up another undergraduate degree would help better my chances of getting into a masters program. I have also been told that based on my situation I should go for a terminal masters and then a PhD. Does anyone have similar experience or any info that can help me make a decision on mapping out a path?

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