1. N

    Question From a Social Work Student

    Hello all! I have posted here countless times in the past trying to decide whether to major in psychology or social work and whether to go for LMHC or an MSW program. I am currently a BSW student going into my second to last semester in the program and I am confident that I will be able to get...
  2. O

    Looking for a pre-used WISC V kit

    Good evening, If anyone has a WISC V kit for sale, please let me know. [email protected].
  3. S

    Internship Vacancy for 2023 - 2024

    Just in case anyone is still looking for an internship placement for the 2023 - 2024 year, there is a site at a major hospital in Baton Rouge, LA that not only pays a high stipend ($30,000!!), but it also provides housing for free in your own apartment. Unfortunately, the site is not APA...
  4. Headless Stranger

    Paths to psychotherapy

    Hi, I am currently planning my career with the final end goal of becoming a licensed psychotherapist. I'm planning to get my ADN and becoming a registered nurse. Then work for a year, get some experience and do travel nursing. I'm interested in majority of the nursing specialties, but mental...
  5. Headless Stranger

    Path to becoming a psychotherapist

    Hi, I am currently planning my career with the final end goal of becoming a licensed psychotherapist. I'm planning to get my ADN and becoming a registered nurse. Then work for a year, get some experience and do travel nursing. I'm interested in majority of the nursing specialties, but mental...
  6. L

    MSW to PhD

    I’m an MSW graduate student concentrating on clinical social work. I originally chose that path because I was confident that I just wanted to do private practice and I also didn’t have all the requisites required to apply for a clinical psych program. Recently, I’ve been feeling more like a...
  7. S

    EPPP Florida Laws and Rules Exam

    Anyone who has taken the Florida laws and rules exam have any advice? I found the "study packet" online but it's really just a long list of laws and codes. I take the exam in about 3 weeks. I've heard it's obviously easier than Part 1 (which I passed a few weeks ago 🥳), but I'm not sure what to...
  8. ThatPsyGuy

    Psychology Hierarchy

    I recently just gone done catching up with a friend of mine who's also in a Psychology program and they told me how their cohort had a discussion regarding the perception of the field from within and outside. They mentioned an interesting point in how they believed that there was a "hierarchy"...
  9. Mr.Smile12

    NIH Graduate/Professional School Virtual Fair 2022

    H/T @Fencer reposting to other relevant forums The 2022 Virtual NIH Graduate & Professional School Fair is a Virtual Event with attendance of most MSTP/MD-PhD directors and administrators. It is free and open to all potential applicants. It does require registration. The NIH GP Fair will...
  10. B

    Pre-Doctoral Internship Opening in New Jersey

    The Department of Psychiatry of Jersey Shore University Medical Center (JSUMC), in conjunction with Hackensack Meridian Health, is offering a one year, full-time (2000 hours) pre-doctoral internship in Clinical Psychology. JSUMC is a private non-profit hospital located in Neptune, NJ equidistant...
  11. L

    PhD/PsyD First year student seeking advice

    Hi! I am a first-year PsyD student, and I am planning to transfer out of the program as I feel like I'm not gaining any value, especially given what I'm paying for tuition. I chose this particular program as I believed there would be some if not an equal opportunity to pursue research and access...
  12. A

    PhD/PsyD PhD/PsyD Psychology program interview invites and admissions (applied Fall 2021 for Fall 2022 admission)

    Hi everyone, It is that time of year to share what psychology doctorate programs people applied to during the Fall 2021, and when they received interview invites. Also, if you were accepted or not/your final decision. Please provide what faculty you wanted to work with as well and who...
  13. D

    Improving patient care

    Hello! As a mental healthcare professional, one of the things that I feel would be very useful to improving my patient care is to improve the collaborate care model, allowing patients more agency (aka let them navigate the ship), and improving data collection of their symptomatology over a...
  14. neurotic_cow

    Postdoc, licensure, and salary question

    Hello! This may have already been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't locate anything, so apologies if it has been! I am currently halfway through a 2 year neuropsychology postdoc and although not included as part of the requirements of the program when I signed on, now that I have completed one...
  15. S

    Quitting PsyD Neuropsychology Program. Advice?

    I am a 3rd year PsyD student (5 year program). I've been so unhappy with my program and consistently question my career choices. Before starting my program, I was set on wanting to get into a PsyD program and specializing in neuropsychology. I recently started my external practicum year and I...
  16. M

    Admissions Advice- PsyD/Counseling PhD

    Hey all! I could use some advice in admissions/career paths, if anyone has anything to add it would be appreciated. Just a little background so you have a grasp on my current application, I graduated with a B.S. in Health Science and Psychology, 3.85 overall GPA and 4.0 Psychology GPA. Strong...
  17. The Cinnabon

    Behavioral Sleep Medicine (sleep psych) ???

    Hello SDN, the thread is exactly as it's stated. Where the hell can one learn more about Clinical Sleep psychology/ behavioral medicine and what's it actually like to be in this specialty (from my uneducated cursory view it seems to be a highly specialized health psychology specialty???). I'm a...
  18. S

    Psy.D the right choice?

    So I’m a senior at Kent State majoring in psychology and a minor in human sexuality. My gpa is 3.8 I’m applying to Psy.D and maybe some PhD programs. In clinical and counseling psychology (but preference for counseling psych) Important parts of program are ones with training in biological...
  19. P

    NSSR Masters Program or part-time RA job

    HI all! Thank you in advance for your assistance. I spent this year applying to Psychology Masters, Psychology Post-Bacc, and Pre-Med Post-Bacc programs (to pursue Research Psychiatry). My background is in the Social Sciences (high undergrad GPA, only 1 intro psych and 1 intro neuroscience...
  20. Anon1117

    Best psychology doctorate school options if I'm based in Lebanon?

    I did my psychology BA at a good Lebanese American university at Beirut, GPA 3.9, did some volunteering, there's no research labs but I took 2 research courses and conducted a research study woth 3 credits. I'm completing my MA in Clinical Psychology at a less known university in Beirut and I'll...
  21. P

    IRB Approved Study on Clinician Experiences with Conducting Suicide Risk Assessments and Interventions

    Dear Clinicians, My name is Sydney Cople and I’m a doctoral candidate in the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Northern Colorado. I’m currently conducting an IRB-approved dissertation research study on clinician experiences of performing suicide risk assessments and...
  22. G

    PhD/PsyD Challenges as Intern with ADHD

    Hello everyone! I have ADHD and internship has brought out the worst of my symptoms. I’m on medication and working with a MD, but everyday I feel like a failure. I have a therapist, but ones covered by my insurance don’t really have training in “executive functioning” or adult ADHD (a very...
  23. P

    Is a B.A. or B.S. better for premed? I’m a psych major. Also premed requirement question

    A b.a. would be quicker and would result in me having a higher GPA. Also, is a philosophy minor beneficial? I want to add one but I don’t know if it will lower my acceptance chances.
  24. R

    Advice Needed - UK/US PhD

    Hello all! This fall, I will be applying to psychology doctorate programs in the US and UK. Unfortunately, I've encountered what seems to be a big stumbling block: In the US, students must commit to a school by April 15th. In the UK, it seems as though schools don't release decisions until...
  25. jordandaisies

    Survey for Clinical/Counseling Psych doctoral students: Stress & Coping

    We don’t want to waste your time: you’re a doctoral student, you’re familiar with study solicitations, here’s one more for you. Here’re the brass tacks: · The study’s about stress and resilience of clinical or counseling doctoral psychology students · It’ll take 20 - 30 minutes ·...
  26. B

    Which course is more likely to be accepted as BCPM?

    Hey everyone, I saw people managed to get Psychology courses counted in their BCPM gpa. How I understand it is that an automatic system goes through the course's description to determine if it counts or not. Here are the descriptions of the two courses that I'm deciding between. Abnormal Psych...
  27. T

    Holistic studies and choosing a career

    Hello all, I am in the midsts of figuring out what I want to invest my time and money into studying. I have a bachelors of psychology and environmental studies but would like to get back to school. I have been going back and forth between a masters of psychology, clinical social work, nursing...
  28. P

    PhD/PsyD Fordham Counseling Psychology Ph.D. – Research and clinical training

    Hello everyone, So I am currently leaning toward choosing the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at Fordham University. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more information about the program from people who have first- or second-hand knowledge of it. I have spoken to a couple of first-year...
  29. B

    Any thoughts on SPU's program?

    Hello, I tried to look up a thread on this school but the last one was from 2014 and I was hoping for more recent feedback. I was accepted into Seattle Pacific University's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program earlier in March. Their APA-accredited internship match rates were 92% for the last...
  30. M

    Advice for handling pre-med classes?

    I’m switching to pre-med from a psychology/research background and I’m nervous about how difficult pre-med classes may be—any tips on how to best study for bio, chem, and phys?
  31. N

    Interested in Intensive Therapy work, would PsyD or PhD be better? Also, should I apply to PsyD and PhD programs after undergrad?

    Hello everyone! I apologize for the long post in advance! I am currently finishing up my junior year in undergraduate as a Psychology and Hearing and Speech Sciences double major. I had a difficult time deciding between going the SLP or Psychology route, but now have decided that I will be...
  32. P

    Help and advice with tough graduate decisions

    I am currently a junior at university completing my BS in psych. I work at a psych lab and childcare center at my school. It's about that time to be making grad decisions. My gpa is currently 3.6 (due to ONE bad neuro class), and by next year it should be like 3.7ish To start off, I know all my...
  33. T

    Help! Graduate school choice

    Hello, I am pursuing my online Masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis and I have recently applied to 3 schools, Northeastern, Simmons, and Pepperdine. I have been accepted to Simmons and Pepperdine, and am currently waiting on Northeastern. In the ABA community, which one of these would be...
  34. S


    I know that research is a valued component of an application (although not necessary), I was just wondering what kind of research would be considered valuable? I have experience as a research assistant in a psychology lab, so not really animal related at all.
  35. Perchperkins

    Is it okay to do research in psychology if you're on the pre-med track?

    I'm a freshman on the premed track and I was looking at research opportunities for next year or next semester. I'm deciding between majoring in psych or bio. I wanted to do research in either of those fields. How do med schools feel about research in psych? Are there any preferred fields?
  36. H

    [Answered] - DO with a Bachelor's in psych and interest in psychiatry?

    Hi there, So I'm thinking of majoring in psychology, but I'm worried that it would make my interest in psychiatry blatantly obvious and I am currently operating under the (possibly ignorant) assumption that psychiatry is the specialty that benefits the least from OMM. Does anyone know if it...
  37. Nikhil8587

    "Help needed for my Research"(Thread Open To All)

    Hello everyone, Please help me decide a research topic that is viable for journals and conferences. All of these topics tickle my core interest and other factors like literature have been already looked at, but it is getting really hard to choose a topic. Please give your valuable suggestion...
  38. Pakku-man

    Can we bill sufficiently for Mental Health Services while a patient is admitted for a different dx?

    Hello everyone, I will be starting out as an medicine attending soon and wondered about the following question: "Is there meaningful financial support with medicare or private insurance that would help hospitals afford and provide mental health services such as cognitive behavioral...
  39. O

    General Admissions & OTCAS OTCAS 2019-2020 MOT Cycle

    Hello everyone, It may seem like a long time from now, but OTCAS applications will be opening up in less than two months. I'll be starting a thread for applicants to share their stats, questions, etc. with each other as a way to (hopefully) ease some of the anxiety that comes along with this...
  40. Perchperkins

    Is a Psychology as a pre-med major a bad idea?

    Hi guys! Well I’m a senior in high school and I’m going to be a freshman in college next semester. I’m going to be a premed student so I dwindled down my major options to either Psychology or Biology. I’m leaning towards psych though since it’s a tad more interesting. I know that people say you...