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    I am about one semester away from graduating as a History major from the University of Maryland with a GPA of 3.48 and was curious about the process and possible acceptance to a post-bac program that would allow me to fulfill the science requirements for medical school. My one fear is that I may appear to be a weak candidate because I lost a semester (the semester I tried to double major in Molecular Genetics and History, I had overloaded my courses with bio-calc, gen bio II, chem I, and neuro-anatomy) by withdrawing from the university due to some health issues affecting my grades(it was advised by my advisor).

    I have a some exposure to the medical profession with a still active EMT license and over 100 hours of volunteer work at Washington Hospital Center in the Cancer institute. I also worked at WHC transcribing hospital epidemiology policy for the health and safety board. And was affiliated with the service organization Alpha Phi Omega.

    I also have another question on whether or not it would be worthwhile to try and get a masters degree before applying to a post-bac program or a degree such as law school to make me look like a more serious candidate.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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