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Feb 12, 2007
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  1. Pre-Dental
I plan on applying for the 2008 cycle but since my grades are not so competitive, I'm thinking realistically in case I don't get accepted. Anyone know of any post-bac programs or special master programs in the Northwest, specifically Oregon or Washington?

I didn't take school too seriously my first few years and I finished all the pre-reqs freshman and sophomore year and then decided to give up the whole pre-dental thing b/c I never thought I could get in. I started volunteering 9 months ago and have lots of EC but I really need to boost my sgpa and show that I can handle upper level science courses. If there are no post-bac or SMP near me, do you guys think going back to to take biochem and upper level bio classes, and doing well in them of course, would help me out in the end? Thanks.
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