Post Bac? Masters?

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Oct 1, 2021
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Hi guys!

I need some advice on what to do because I feel so lost. I’m currently a senior and I have really inconsistent academic performance. I have 5 C’s scattered throughout my transcript, some during my junior and senior year too. I’m unsure if I should apply for a post bac or masters program. My GPA isn’t super low but the inconsistent performance makes me hesitant on doing just a post-bac and I really want to get in by next cycle

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You should use the template for better responses, but unless you had a distinct downward trend in GPA your junior and senior years, you may be okay with a DIY postbac. Get advice from local admissions staff and any prehealth resources who can look over your transcript.

What did you do for volunteering outside the clinical environment? You can actually work instead of shadowing with dentists, can you? 200 hours is a lot.
Thank you! My bad I should have clarified, 200 shadowing and clinical hours. I volunteer as an RDA so majority of those hours are from the clinic. As for volunteering, I volunteer at the food bank and voter registration. Sadly, 3 out of my 5 C’s are from senior and junior year
he means do a full WAMC template...
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