Post-Bacc certificate program vs SMP??


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Dec 16, 2011
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So i'm about to graduate with about a 3.4 and i will be taking my mcat in July. i really want to do MD and i know this probably isn't competitive enough even with a good MCAT score. i've been looking at SMP's and post baccs for the fall but since i am taking my MCAT in July, i won't be able to apply for an SMP since they will get my MCAT score too late

I've come across a few Post bacc certificate programs such as the ones at American University, UPenn, and Wayne State. I'd really like to improve my chances and my adviser told me the certificate program and SMP are pretty much the same. Any thoughts? I'm not sure which route to take, but if i did a certificate program i would be able to start in the Fall. I just don't want to waste money on it if it won't help my chances because i'm kind of stuck right now and not sure which way to go. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!
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