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Apr 22, 2004
Has anyone ever done a post-bacc to boost your GPA to get into pharm. school?

If so, do you just take a pre-med post-bacc, taking gen chem/bio/physics/orgo/calc over again, and whatever upper level pre-reqs necessary (ex. microbio, cell bio, anatomy, etc.)?


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May 24, 2005
Some pharmacy schools look at only prerequisite GPA.

UF and UGA are examples. Those schools boast that their incoming average gPA is 3.6 (for UF) and 3.7 (for UGA). HOwever, this is just the prereqs.

Someone could have had very bad grades in other classes, and those would not have counted.

There is someone on this board (starsweet) who went to Georgia Tech in mechanical engineering (remember, this is a very tough school with a tough major) and made around a 3.1. HOwever, most of the prereqs were from a local CC with the exception of chemistry and physics at Tech. So this person got in despite the other grades. IN my opinion that 3.1 at Tech is easily a 3.6 at least or maybe even a 3.7 at another school.

Call the pharmacy schools and find out how they calculate GPA.
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