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All Branch Topic (ABT) Post-deployment serum samples requirement


Full Member
Oct 31, 2019
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Did anyone else know this was a requirement? I've talked to dozens of corpsmen and docs, with multiple deployments spanning the last 15 years, and none of them knew about this.

Apparently per the latest DHA-PI 6490.03 from Dec 2019, as well as the old DODI 6490.03 from 2006, you're supposed to draw blood for the DOD Serum Repository within 30 days of redeployment. HIV blood draws satisfy the requirement, as left over serum from those is kept in the repository, but typically people only do a pre-deployment HIV blood draw. The post deployment sample is supposed to be specifically for the serum repository - however a post deployment HIV sample can be used IF you notify the service member that the sample will be used for HIV testing.

How many of you all have been doing this? Who comes up with this stuff? I wonder if everyone actually did the correct ICD 10 and E&M coding for every bureaucratic requirement we have to do, if the bean counters would realize the collosal waste of time it all is and actually give us more funding or cut back.

(3) Post-Deployment Serum Specimens. A serum sample will be obtained from each Service member and DoD civilian no earlier than 30 days prior to departure from theater and no later than 30 days after arrival at the demobilization site, home station, or in-patient MTF (preferably during the face-to-face health assessment) and forwarded to the DoD Serum Repository (Reference (q)), using the existing trans-shipment centers. Serum samples for personnel separating from active duty, including RC members who are demobilizing, should be obtained during demobilization. Individuals must be informed if the post-deployment serum sample will be tested for HIV.


Laugh at me, will they?
Volunteer Staff
15+ Year Member
Dec 15, 2005
Home again
  1. Attending Physician
Funny you mention this.

Our unit is redeploying to the US this weekend and there's a HIV blood draw planned. We were all griping about it last week because it's unnecessary and not required - but maybe the reason they're doing it is this new DHA requirement.

I didn't care enough to look into it. Just wrote it off as the latest random aliquot of inanity from some good idea fairy. BAS is running it, I'm just here to do as I'm told.
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