Post Doc Hours and Licensure?

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Apr 9, 2006
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For those of you that are practicing or have been through this -

The two states that I am interested in for practice both require 1500 hours of post doc training and 12 months of practice. One has specific requirements for # of supervised hours, the other does not.

How do you get your postdoc hours without going through a formal postdoc program? Do you try to hook up with practitioners in your area? How does this impact the amount of $$$ that you can make in the field during your first year out?


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Oct 27, 2007
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Read the state licensing regulations carefully and ask questions about what is not clear. Connect with someone who has done post-doc hours and been licensed in each of the states. In California you can accrue hours in "exempt" settings without being a registered "psychological assistant" or in a formal post-doc. Exempt settings are government agencies or accredited academic or public school sites--so jobs in those settings can provide post-doc hours as long as you are getting the requisite individual supervision from a licensed psychologist employed in that setting.

But internet advice is never a substitute for talking with licensing boards and you need to stay current because sometimes regulations change.