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Jun 23, 2006
Cary, NC
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So, I'm a py3 now, just finished exams :D
But every time I come on this site I get depressed and scared when I see so many threads talking about how horrible the job prospects will be when I graduate.
I already know I'm not going to do retail. I'm currently taking nuclear classes and will take 2 rotations in it as part of the board certification process, but obviously since I've never actually set foot in a nuclear pharmacy, I can't decide that's what I want to do for sure. I applied for a rotation at the FDA for my fourth year because I'm thinking of doing an MPH after graduation. I've also considered PA school (I've known several pharmacists who left pharmacy and went to medical school or PA school because they couldn't stand their jobs). PAs at least have some autonomy and their pay is rising to catch up with pharmacists. It might also help to have that pharmacy knowledge under my belt already. Has anyone else done things beyond the PharmD, like residency, MPH, PA, etc. and had issues finding a job?