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Jul 27, 2004
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OK so I have decided to apply next June 2005. I am finishing my undergrad degree spring 2005. Has anyone done this? (take a year off before applying) Right now I'm trying to figure out what are good options to do with this time. I was looking at some public health stuff but it seems most you need an MPH to do anything interesting. Would it be wise to try and take extra classes next year to get EMT certified or something for next fall? If you have any ideas please post :eek:

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I'm taking this year off while I'm applying for the 2005 entering class. If you take a year off, I think it's really important to plan ahead (about a year) and know exactly what's waiting for you to do by the time you graduate. On the applications, they ALWAYS ask what you are going to do during your year off and it's a good thing to have specifics to say such as "I will work for this long, and for this person, at this institution, doing specifically this." I don't think it works as well if you can only say "I PLAN to do some type of health related work or volunteering or travel somewhere."

Either way, do what interests you the most and be productive. Being an EMT sounds great if you can see yourself doing that all year long and can have interesting things to say during interviews. Otherwise do something else!