Postgraduate study and works in Australia for overseas student??

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Dec 2, 2004
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Hi everyone,

I am a Malaysian 5th years medical student. I have to plan for my postgraduate study in future and I wish for either rehabilitation medicine or liason psychiatry.
WHat is the system or process which I should undergo? Where can I find the information about that and who should I send my query email?
There are several questions as below:
1. Do I need to work there first by taking the entry exam from AMA ?
2. IF so, what is the passing rate averagely, as compare with PLAB and when is the best time to take the exam?
3. Afterall, what is the success rate you think I can get a job in Australia?
Any different if I am a oversea student and PR in applying for postgraduate program?
4. What is the success rate to apply for the postgraduate program there and how much should I pay? How about the compatitiveness as compare to UK?
5. What factors determine the success of getting a job and apply for postgraduate program, eg: help from the head of department?

Sorry for the that many questions. ANyone if you hold a clue to any of the above question, please help, thanks. :confused:

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