Potential Masters Degree?

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Feb 10, 2023
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Hello everyone,

I was considering doing a Masters program to increase my chances of vet school admissions for the new cycle but am unsure of which program will be favored more over the other. My three options are a MS in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, MPH, or the MS in Veterinary Science.

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Which one are you most interested in? If you’re going to do grad studies, you should ideally choose something that interests you and could work out into a usable plan B in case you don’t get into vet school.
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I'm completing my MVS at UIUC in May 2024. I truly cannot say enough good things (but I also simply shill for UIUC constantly). I've also done the grad certificate connected to it which was a big draw for me. We have covered so much in that sequence and will be so prepared for veterinary school. Many of the goals were designed with what medical schools look for in prepared students (pre-professional competencies). I know going forward there should be more vet student involvement too. I feel like I've had a great mix of population and individual animal health and gained a new appreciation for Food Animal Medicine with the masters. I'm really looking forward to Biostats in the fall as a good understanding of statistics is imperative for population management, understanding studies, and relaying accurate information to the public.

I was also drawn to it because of the Capstone project. We don't have a ton of info on what the new version will look like as the final redesign will be completed in the fall. It's an interdisciplinary effort with our new Sibel Center for Design. I will be fortunate enough to access on-campus resources for that, but the online aspects are well designed.

I will also say that while grad school and professional school are very different beasts, I know I will benefit greatly from spending time working with upper level material.
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Hi! I highly recommend looking into LMU’s 1 year Veterinary Biomedical Science Master Program! It’s a bridge program into the vet school. I did a semester of it and was accepted for the spring cohort (will be finishing my masters degree next semester)! If you get a 3.0 or higher in the fall semester, you are guaranteed an interview with the school. You also take Vet Anatomy and Parasitology with the first year vet students, and if you get a B or higher, you won’t have to retake the course when you matriculate into the vet school!! I believe it’s a great program to consider! I even received an interview from my IS after 2 cycles! It’s been extremely helpful! Especially coming from someone who had an EXTREMELY low science GPA.
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