pre-health with nursing major?

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Nov 23, 2015
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so I'm a nursing major at a really good school and I sort of just applied because I knew I wanted to do something medical. I had too much hs credit so virtually my whole entire sophomore year I'm only required to take 12 credits between 2 semesters b/c of all the gen eds I filled up and b/c I took a course overload this semester which I really didn't need but oh well. That being said nursing is lacks lots of flexibility so there's no way i can graduate early so I need to minor with something to keep my scholarship.

Okay I'm majorly doing pre med with it b/c I have the time, and because what if I want to become a PA (which I am looking at)? I need to be financially stable and nursing provides that and I like that I'll be in an environment I'll enjoy anyways. I'm not going to drop nursing because even if I go to med school it'll be a couple of years after I work as a nurse but might as well knock out the requirements now ya know?

So has anyone done so? I'm not really looking for anyone to change my mind since I've looked through all the minors and double majors I can do (which I'm leaning towards sciences anyways that fit most of the pre med reqs anyways) and nothing really seems it'll reap benefit. Plus I have time right now and I don't want to be in a position in the future thinking I wish I had done something, so I might want to be a DNP afterwards but I might want to be a doctor, and I don't want to close any doors off in case I figure that's what I really want. I know some nurses who worked as nurses and went to med school after but has anyone heard of a nursing major get into med school without experience as an RN? Also if you do get a stellar gpa and an amazing MCAT score does it really matter what your major?

Also I don't really mind if I don't apply my senior year (definitely will not apply like trads do during the junior year) and work 2 years between


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Jun 3, 2014
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You can get into medical school with ANY major as long as you've got the pre-reqs, MCAT score, and ECs to back up your application. I have a friend who completed his nursing program and went to medical school months later. It all comes down to mastering the material. My biggest advice would be to shadow various professionals and get a feel for each position.
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