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Pre-rec Question

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Full Member
Feb 4, 2012
  1. Dental Student
I took Gen Chem 1 in the summer of 2009. I am planning to apply this coming June. Will that class still be good to apply with and enter dental school if accepted in 2014?

I didn't have a problem with my Gen Chem 1 that I took about 10 years ago. I never questioned it though, so for your own piece of mind, just call the schools you're interested in and verify.

Nancy V.
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Full Member
Aug 14, 2012
New York, NY
  1. Dental Student
I'm a non-trad student and took the first semester of physics 12 years ago. It hasn't caused me any problems and no one has even brought it up in any interviews. I get the feeling that as long as you've done well in other science classes you've taken more recently it's not something most schools care about.


Full Member
Jan 4, 2013
  1. Pre-Dental
I would double check with every schools you're hoping to apply for. Some schools, like Arizona for example, are requiring that all prerequisites have been completed within 5 years of the date of application. Seems like your 2009 class will be fine for apply for this year, but maybe not if you need to reapply next year.
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