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Jan 30, 2002
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I am currently taking my into to chem and biol, as well as trigonometry at a community college. I recently spoke with an admissions person from a postbac program who said I would most likely have to re-take all of my courses from a four year university. Does anyone have any feedback on this? Do schools consider community college pre-reqs? I already have a bachelor's degree, and will be transferring after this year to complete organic, et. al. Anyone know anything about this? Finally, regarding my transfer, I'm looking at a variety of postbac programs on the east coast, here in hawaii, and possibly in california. Should I avoid California since I"m not a resident? I'm really trying to make a responsible choice that will increase my overall chances at more than just my state school. Feedback is appreciated. Thank you.


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Jul 12, 2001
anchorage, ak
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I think pre-reqs from a community college are OK (maybe not the best, but OK), as long as your post-bac courses show you can handle university level work. Not sure why you'd want to avoid CA for post-bac just because you're not a resident. Are you talking about for reasons of getting into the post-bac program, or for getting into medschool? For the latter, I wouldn't think it would matter.
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