Pre Reqs, where to take them?


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Jul 23, 2009
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Hey guys, I need your help/opinion!

I know I am late to the game but I still want to do this.

Heres the problem, I graduated from USC in 2007 with a Bachlors of Science in Business Administration. So... basically I don't have any pre reqs taken. My GPA isn't the strongest there is either. ( I need 9 pre reqs total)

A few plans.

Plan A: To save money
Take 5 Pre reqs at a CC, then (Bio I, Chem I)
Take 4 pre reqs at USC, (Bio II, Chem II etc)

Plan B: (saves most) (probably not smartest choice)
All regs at CC

Plan C: Expensive (I probably cannot afford 95% sure)
All at USC

I plan to get all A's and buckle down on my science classes. Would it be smart to take another semester at USC and have about 13 classes of science? The only problem is that it's very very expensive!

I plan to attend LL which requires about 3.2 GPA and 20 DAT. If I do well enough on the DAT will my pre reqs not matter as much? I read through the forums so I have a good gist of it but most universities will not accept a student just for a few courses.

Anyone in Business that got accepted into a Dental School here?


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Nov 19, 2008
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Personally I think it would be fine for you to take your pre-reqs at community colleges - I was waitlisted at LLU (and from the tone of my interviewer, likely would have been accepted if I had applied earlier than the middle of November) after having taken all of my pre-reqs at CC. It came up at the interview that they would have preferred I had taken the classes after I had transferred... but very ironically after we had just got done talking about how amazing the CA CC system is, and how it can very often be a better route than going straight to a 4 year.

I would suggest possibly seeing if you could take some of the classes through other schools, other than USC, I know it costs an arm and a leg there. Check out UCI or UCLA extension or something like that, maybe even CSULB or CSULA. If that doesn't work out, taking the classes at a CC won't be that big of a deal, but one thing to remember, Loma Linda requires Biochem, a class most CC's don't have. Irvine Valley College has it if you live in that area, there's also a few others around, but much more sparse.

I think as long as you do fine on the DAT, it really won't matter which you choose, especially since you know that LLU does take CC credit. If you ever have a question about what class to take at a CC, feel free to call them at the admissions office, Cindy is really nice and helpful, and she'll get you an answer right away.

Also, just incase you didn't already know, LLU requires a spiritual letter of recommendation, and a minimum of 25 hours shadowing a general dentist, and you need to get a form signed for that too.

Since we also live in a Dental School dense environment in So-cal, definitely think of applying to at 4 in the area.

Good luck, and I'm sure you'll get in sooner or later if you put the hard work in!
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