Predental Advisory Programs - Are They Worth It?

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Apr 4, 2023
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As a freshman in college looking to apply to dental school, there isn't a lot of advice coming from my college health advisory office. I think I'm going to need to seek help elsewhere. I have no dentists in the family or as family friends to ask, and I can only ask so much of the doctors I shadow before becoming annoying. Are the programs out there reputable and helpful, or are they scams? Has anyone used one with success they would recommend?

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Honestly, I’d use SDN and Reddit. I used SDN and browsed the predental and dental forums and learned a lot. Probably a lot more than some of the advisory programs. And I ended up getting multiple first round offers,

these advisory programs can be expensive. I’d take some time to browse these forums since you’re still a freshmen. Feel free to reach out via PM and ask as many questions you want (doesn’t annoy me). I’ve helped a ton of applicants this cycle and a lot of them had gotten an offer somewhere. There’s a lot of gold here, just need to take the time to dig it up and find it.
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Aside from us, ADEA is the definitive place to go. They have their GoDental newsletter, website, and social media that you should follow.

ASDA and SNDA are also good resources.

None of these involve money before applying.
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the sdn predental homepage has resources on the right side that are REALLY good...
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