Predental student postbac help needed

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May 17, 2010
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I have really low cgpa/sgpa( both under 2.6). I have taken prerequisites(all of them) and 1upper division class which is Genetics. I'm currently shadowing/studying for DAT. I need an advice for choosing a postbac program and retaking all prereq classes at CC due to financial limitations and geographical limitation.
As I'm willing to spend 2 more years from this point.
Here are of the options I thought about:
Postbac: apply postbac which allows me to take undergrad upper division Bio, since I had taken almost no upper division bio at all, "idealistically" getting good grades and showing an uptrend, making myself more competitive applicant
M.Sci: apply to a Master of Science in biology which allows me to take 400 level and 500 level courses and at the same time do a research under a professor.
Second bachelor degree: get a second bachelor degree on biology, taking upper division bio
I talked to the advisor and he seemed favoring more towards to postbac program, b/c according to his explanation a master program(research) is an option to strengthen the application if I already had a good gpa/dat. He thinks pretty much getting undergrad upper bio and showing an uptrend would favor over taking graduate level courses(including seminars) and a research.
I personally thought doing postbac is a better option since I had taken almost no upper division bio classes and realistically I would be more capable of taking upper division bio class over jumping directly to graduate level bio.
Any helpful comment appreciated
Thank you
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