May 26, 2014
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I'll try and keep this short!

I graduated with 2 degrees last year (Nursing & Humanities) at a university and now planning on taking the required classes for medical school. I've been an RN for about a year, with clinic and hospital experience.

I was thinking of taking the required classes for med school at Bellevue College (Washington). It's not quite a university, but it isn't a community college either. How would this look?

I also understand that I need 1 year of bio, 1 year of chem, etc... But do I need to take the "bio series" or "chem series"? Or can I take a year of bio classes more focused on genetics, rather than basic bio? Same with physics?

Thank you for your advice! :)


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Dec 23, 2010
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Generally, it's a year of each chem with lab, bio w/ lab, physics w/ lab, and ochem w/ lab. Some schools will require additional courses above and beyond these standard minimums. For example, at my state MD school, applicants are required to have at least six additional units of upper division bio, 4 of biochem, and 3 of behavioral sciences... While this isn't the norm, it is not wildly unusual either. It is also best to take the pre-professional/science major series of those courses, as they differ slightly (as I understand it anyway) to those that aren't intended for science majors.


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Nov 14, 2008
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As mentioned above, take the physics, chem, bio, organic chem with labs for pre-professional/science majors. A lot of schools have additional bio requirements such as biochem, genetics, and sometimes cell bio, english requirements, behavioral science requirements and math requirements such as calculus and statistics.

You're pre-professional advisor should have a list of requirements by the course numbers assigned by your school equivalent to the pre-reqs.
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