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Jan 27, 2004
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Some people who have taken TPR course, will you tell me about the materials in detail? I have heard there are 3 subject books and 2 workbooks, but how big are these and how useful are the problems in the workbooks? Is there any other material other than these books? What about practice tests, do you get access to any other practice tests except for the officially proctored tests? Did you feel that the books were too large and specific to get through, or was it a good amount of material? Overall, were you happy with the materials? Thanks. Oh, and did you feel like the TPR practice tests were much too difficult. By this, I mean, not were they harder than the real MCAT, but were they too hard to be helpful for the actual MCAT. As in, not an accurate depiction.


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Dec 17, 2003
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There's really only one thick book which all the homework problems are in. The problems are pretty hard but the good thing about it is there's an explaination for every problem. I got really discouraged the first time working through all the problems, but there're hard so I just learn from my mistakes and move on. The physics and biology books are VERY detailed and I find them useful. The verbal book is alright, it has some good points in it. I haven't taken the real MCAT yet but the practice exams TPR gives are also hard. Especially the second one(4921 I think)! Overall, the best part of the course is the material and practice test they give you. I don't find the lectures very useful. If I was to give advise, I would tell anyone taking TPR not to get discouraged on the diagnostic tests. There freakin hard! Just keep studying.


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Jul 30, 2003
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i echo what elee20 said. the problems are hard. the diagnostic tests are (really) hard, and the actual lectures may or may not be useful, depending on what you need. i have taken three practice tests so far, with scores being as such: TPR 4911-22; TPR 4921-23; AAMC 3R-29. this should tell you all you need to know about how well the TPR tests simulate the real deal (hint: they don't).

although i haven't taken the MCAT yet (i'm taking it this april), my advice is this: don't take the TPR course. the lectures haven't helped a damn bit, save for general/organic chemistry, and the amount of homework they assign is almost comically burdensome if you're a full-time student or have a full-time job.

since you asked about course materials: OVERKILL. the authors even admit in the foreword of the books that they overshoot the amount of material you learn to basically cover their asses and "prepare" you for everything. i would recommend just buying a stand-alone comprehensive book (by any company--TPR, kaplan, whatever)--you get the bascis without being prison-raped by their obscene details and examples.

on the other hand, if i get a 36 or something, i'll sing TPR's praises from the mountaintops. whatever.


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Apr 7, 2003
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The TPR science workbook is really good...has hundreds of excellent questions...at times they seem hard. They also have 2 science review books...i only studied physics from them tho. I read the rest of the material outside.

Their verbal strategy book is not great...but it has some good tips to write the essay. And they have a decent verbal workbook with again hundreds of questions.

The lectures are really boring unless ur instructor makes good points in class and has a sense of humor.

Finally, they have a Test book containing 4 full lengths...havent tried them yet tho.
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