princeton review or kaplan course??

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Dec 31, 2004
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Hi everyone! :)

Sorry if you have gotten this question before, but I am trying to decide between the Kaplan course and the Princeton review. Which is better for the money?


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More comprehensive/detailed review: TPR
More quick and dirty techniques, less actual review: Kaplan

TPR is suited for the slacker, Kaplan for the more motivated. (at least anecdotally)

It's your choice!
I am currently enrolled in the kaplan prep course for the april mcat. I was trying to do some research on which to take myself and I found that its mainly an issue of what kind of learner you are. I chose to take kaplan because they offer fewer hours of in-class time and have a ton of materials for you to work with. I tend to learn more when I learn material myself rather than going to lectures. I feel like lectures are reinforcement. If you are an auditory learner or one who requires more details for similar results, you may want to stick with princeton. Hope it helps. You could do a kaplan vs. princeton search and you will find similar previous posts.
It depends on how well you do on a diagnostic test. if you are 25 and above then Kaplan, otherwise TPR for reasons stated above.
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I teach Bio for TPR. I don't know too much about the Kaplan course. I think TPR is a good comprehensive review. Kaplan also offered me a MCAT teaching job. They wanted me to teach all subjects. :scared: TPR allowed me to teach the only subject I truly felt qualified.

I also know several VERY capable people who teach for Kaplan. I think the best thing to do is to really pin down the center on the names of the teachers. Demand their student evaluations.

Good Luck.
I took Kaplan, and was very satisfied.

That satisfaction stemmed minimally from the actual review sessions taught by Kaplan tutors. Those are nice and all, but you're kidding yourself if you think 9 hours per subject on Bio/Orgo/Chem/Physics is going to get you very far.

(Plus there was the fact that we had a new tutor for our final Orgo review session, and I ended up basically teaching half of the material to the rest of my class b/c I knew it so much better than him).

What I found valuable with Kaplan was the material: as many practice tests, full-lengths, question banks, etc. as you could ever hope to do. I could have gone in every day for a full-day from the time I started the course to the day of the MCAT, and I don't think I could have gotten through all of their resources.

I don't have too much to compare to with TPR, though I've heard much the same as other posters above noted (more review, not as many out of class resources).