Jul 31, 2017
Hi everyone!

I am currently attending a community college and plan to transfer out next year. I wanted to either go to Georgetown University which has an exceptional pre-med program or I could go to my state school which has an okay pre-med program. I've decided to major in psychology and Georgetown does not have a very good psychology program, however, my state school is known for its psychology program. One thing I am worried about is the cost. My parents are not able to help me pay for college and if I go to Georgetown, I will have a lot of debt. Should I take my chances with Georgetown or play it safe with my state school?

Pagan FutureDoc

2+ Year Member
Oct 28, 2015
MD/PhD Student
Excelling at any accredited four year school will put you into a good position to go to medical school.
If you are really that interested in psychology and could see yourself working with a degree in psychology if you don't get into medical school then I'd go to the state school.
Have you visited both school? Talked to students there? From what you've said I don't see much reason to go to Georgetown...except the potential advantage that their pre med program might provide you.
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