State School vs. Geisel Waitlist

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Apr 25, 2023
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Hello, currently on the Geisel waitlist and I'm trying to see if I should stay on the waitlist or commit to state school today.

After scholarship from state school, I will most likely have to pay $30k per year after living expenses and Geisel will most likely be $80k-$100k per year (haven't received financial aid info from Geisel).

Alongside this, I hope to match into a competitive specialty where I've been able to make some connections at state school which will be an advantage.

My question is if the name brand of Geisel will help in the match and connect me to more research as a result. Geisel is ranked higher than state school but will be much more expensive. Both schools are p/f preclinical.

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I think there is nothing wrong with staying on the waitlist and you should just PTE to the state school instead of committing. You never know Geisel might give you good financial aid if accepted
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I mean its hard to answer this when you won't tell us what state school it is. The namebrand of Geisel is overrated IMO and their medical school isn't that well-renowned for how expensive it is. If the state school offers you similar opportunities, go there for a fraction of the cost.
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