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Aug 16, 2014
Hey all, I had a question I hope you can help me with. I'm doing sn2eds study plan and I've found some weaknesses in my knowledge that id like to address by doing more problems. But I can barely finish a chapter and do associated passages in one day and I feel like I don't have any time to hammer in on a weak area and stay on schedule. Should I just keep hammering through with the schedule and come back to my weak areas later? Btw I'm taking my test in 4 months but I'm sticking to the 3 month plan so I can have more time to review if needed. I appreciate any advice I can get! Thank you!


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May 17, 2010
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You have to use your best judgement here, only you can answer that. Certainly reviewing weak areas and practicing more targeted is not a bad idea. You could think about adding a week or two to the schedule if you feel like you need to stop and focus on learned material.
Sep 1, 2014
I had this problem and that's why I did not stick to the schedule.
When you have weak areas, you could plan to spend two days on that chapter so that you have time to hammer weak areas as they arise. To do them later would require a lot of organization to ensure you don't forget to practice. Also, backloading your schedule closer to the test date could be stressful. I would just hammer out weaknesses as they arise.